‘s new books must be purchased in large quantities. When has Chu Kuang’s new books ever failed to sell? Besides, the performance of “Zhu Xian” plummeted due to low purchases. The shadow left on many publishing houses has not disappeared yet.

The problem this time seems to be within Chu Kuang’s readers. In the past, the outside world was not optimistic about Chu Kuang’s new books. Now it is simply Chu Kuang’s readers who are boycotting Chu Kuang’s new books. These are the main consumers of Chu Kuang’s works. ah!
While everyone could not ignore the readers’ resistance, they could not resist Chu Kuang’s charm at the same time. They only felt that the balance in their hearts was swinging from side to side. This situation was really the first time for booksellers.
to this end.
Some booksellers also conducted a sample survey among Chu Kuang’s readership, but the results of the sample survey made these booksellers even more confused because they gave three options.
One, support.
Two, boycott.
/Three, I don’t know.
/Twenty-four percent of the readers chose to support Chu Kuang without hesitation, 26% of the readers chose to boycott, and 50% of the readers simply chose “I don’t know.”
What do you mean by not knowing?
You are making it difficult for our bookstore to operate. We will probably pay for your “I don’t know”, not to mention that judging from the survey results on the surface, it seems that there are slightly more people resisting than supporting.
It’s decision time.
Some bookstores gritted their teeth and still purchased goods according to Chu Kuang’s treatment and specifications; some bookstores reduced their inventory reservations based on the results of the investigation. The market’s attitude towards “Detective Sherlock Holmes” seems to be somewhat polarized.
at this time.
In the studio where Lin Yuan was located, Jin Mu said helplessly: “The boss has posed a problem for major booksellers. No one can predict the sales volume of “Detective Sherlock Holmes” now.”
Lin Yuan asked: “What do you think?”
Kaneki hesitated for a moment, curled his lips and said: “There is no point in asking me this question, because I have read the beginning of Sherlock Holmes, so I know the quality of this novel very well.”
Lin Yuan nodded: “That’s it.”
Jin Mu was stunned, and then he understood what Lin Yuan meant. Regardless of resistance or support, the sales volume of the novel ultimately depends on the quality of the work. After all, Chu Kuang did not make any mistakes.
Sherlock Holmes is great to watch.
Judging from the personality charm shown by Sherlock Holmes at the beginning of the chapter, as well as the very good and powerful basic deduction method, readers have no reason not to like this new character. Everyone is just acting emotionally now.
It will eventually calm down.
Jin Mu smiled. This boss’s IQ always went up and down. Sometimes he was extremely smart, and sometimes he would do something that left people speechless.
the other side.
Cao Dezhi was also worri