mentioning that

The song book Lin Yuan prepared for February was also a song candidate for Clash of the Gods, but considering the creative breakthrough of “East Wind Break”, Lin Yuan chose Jay Chou.
Now that Lin Yuan is facing competition from South Korea in February, he decided to come up with alternative songs from the previous Battle of the Gods.
Enough attention is given.
Coincidentally, although the song Lin Yuan prepared to hit the charts in February is indeed a Mandarin song, it also has a Qi version and an English version.
Song title: “Farewell”!
Sorry for the mistake, although this song is indeed solid, the real title is “Kiss Goodbye”.
More stable than “Start Over”!
Because this song is not only one of the masterpieces of the singer Jacky Cheung, but also one of the most classic love songs on earth!
Even if we go to fight the battle of the gods, we still have great hope of winning the championship!
As for the singer, Lin Yuan plans to choose from Yu Dynasty.
Don’t worry now.
Lin Yuan continued to surf the Internet and looked at the response to “Start Over”.
A lot of media is covering this song.
This song also appears frequently in some music review programs, and everyone is discussing the meaning of the four words “start over” in this song to Xianyu.
As a result, Lin Yuan watched with gusto.
A piece of social news suddenly popped up on the computer:
“Thirteen prisoners were released from a prison in Yanzhou at the same time today. This song they sang moved countless people at the scene. I hope you can sing it loudly and start a new life!”
Below the news is the video.
In the video, a group of bald prisoners wearing prison uniforms sang with tears in their eyes:
“If your heart is in a dream, it will be there. There is true love between heaven and earth; depending on success or failure, life is heroic, but it is just starting from scratch.”
Lin Yuan was stunned.
/Countless netizens were also stunned.
Lin Yuan:
Why is it on the social news?
This should obviously be entertainment news.
All right.
There is actually nothing wrong with this scene.
Especially for prisoners.
After being released from prison, you really need to start over from scratch in your life.
This song is very convincing in this situation.
/But I don’t know why.
Netizens always feel like something is wrong
Judging from this, are you planning to go out and commit crimes?
Even if you go to jail and lose your position as the boss, you’re not afraid. The worst thing you can do is start all over again after you get out?
Of course everyone knows that “starting over” means to change one’s past and start a new life.
This scene is quite touching.
Just don’t think about the ambiguity.
After waking up from their daze, netizens were happy for a while and left messages in the comment area:
“Father Fish is going to become the favorite songwriter of the prison inmates?”
“That’s it, the song that will be requested by those released from prison in the future is “Start Over”!”
“Father Fish has become a friend of p