light move, he could destroy countless civilizations in the universe.

Wang Xuan stood quietly in the sky and stamped his foot. The overwhelming light that flooded the world immediately exploded.
/Moreover, there was a terrifying wave of runes, centered on the left foot he stepped out, rapidly expanding towards the holy mountain of the three returning fragments.
If it were covered by such a bright texture, I’m afraid the place of origin would be exploded.
The wild king grasped the rusty spear, and rushed out, facing the ripples, shattering the terrifying wave of runes, and extinguishing the terrifying sea of ??light brought out by the foot.
He took the initiative to fight into the deep space. No matter how cold the true king’s heart was, the land behind him and the holy mountain were his territory, and there was no way he would let anything happen to his lair.
The True King War breaks out!
All the saints, all the mighty warriors, all lowered their heads and did not dare to watch directly. To avoid the sharpness, they could only watch the battle indirectly through the delayed residual rhyme and the hazy virtual scene.
Otherwise, their minds might be torn apart!
Not to mention ordinary monks, they all turned around and listened to the instructions of the supreme beings, emptying their minds and not visualizing, listening or watching, so as to avoid disaster.
Even if the True King fights at the end of deep space, an extraordinary person may be burned if he looks at it. Even an extremely extraordinary person may be eroded and die suddenly if he sees that kind of rune.
The wild king’s hair was disheveled, and the intertwined textures on his wheat-skinned body shattered time and space. Wherever his body turned, the so-called river of time suddenly broke, and the vast ocean of time evaporated in an instant.
This powerful true king fully embodies what it means to be a creature that is beyond cause and effect and destiny, and is not bound by time and space.
His eyes were cold, his black hair was fluttering loosely, the rusty spear in his hand vibrated, large areas of rust fell off, and the light shone all over the world.
At the tip of the spear, there is a grand scene of overlapping layers. If you look closely, you can see that the wild king seems to be carrying countless universes with his spear, hanging on the tip of the spear, and stabbing towards Wang Xuan.
This kind of momentum is really frightening and terrifying. Not to mention the saints, even the true kings of all walks of life are moved. The power of the wild king’s physical body scares the world, who can compete with him?
In the field, Wang Xuan was silent, standing on the same spot, without even moving his feet. He just stretched out his right hand, as if he was opening up the world, and nothing could stop him.
He grabbed the tip of the spear with his bare hands and suppressed all the heavy universes that seemed to be being carried. All kinds of secret powers were unable to shake him at all.
He waved his left sleeve, and immediately, the cou