unable to control himself and could not help but kneel down.

However, he knew that the little king next door was not the one who suffered the loss and could not let the “big shot” accompanying him suffer. Therefore, he withstood the pressure and waved his hand with his back to Li Dao.
Sure enough, Lao Zhang felt no pressure in an instant, and the statues of saints floating nearby were all shattered. When he waved his hand, they fell and turned into fly ash.
“Calm down.” The boy Lao Zhang finally spoke, returned behind Wang Xuan, and spat out these two words.
The expressions of a group of powerful strangers at Source No. 3 have changed. What does this mean? Is it possible for a boy to demonstrate his magic here?
For a moment, all the strangers stared at the high platform piled with scriptures.
Li Dao stepped forward, and a strange sight appeared under his feet. It was a 15-color altar, and a Dharma altar was built on the Taoist platform. He stood on it, looking down at the front.
Then, around him, magnificent temples, each enshrining a true saint, rose up one after another.
In the splendid world, Li Dao has become a generation of holy emperors. He hangs high on the altar, and he is the only one who dominates. There, all the saints are ennobled, all arranged around him.
Moreover, there were invisible rules expanding, like the sea of ??stars in the universe breaking through its embankments and slapping towards Wang Xuan. For a time, all the saints chanted sutras and worked together to conquer the devil.
Li Dao was in trouble, and he had already begun to discuss Tao and demonstrate his own scriptures.
“You are following the royal path, and your ambition is not small. Do you think you are the future Holy Emperor?” Someone from the No. 2 Extraordinary Center sneered.
The foundation of the high platform for discussing the Tao, the stacks of scriptures are shining, becoming the firewood of the Tao, beating the divine fire, providing inexplicable Tao charm for both parties discussing the Tao.
/Discussing the Tao is a literary struggle, and it focuses more on the understanding and understanding of the Tao. Even if one’s own cultivation is insufficient, this pile of scriptures can make up for it to a certain extent.
However, people were surprised to find that the legendary alien Wang Xuan, who was not very high in realm, was not weak in moral conduct and did not need the scripture platform to “take care” of him.
“Walking the path of kingship? Your path is not peaceful and tends to be domineering. The true saint hangs high above and is already transcendent, so why do you need to divide it among others? Is this world, this world, yours alone? ”
After Wang Xuan said this, he faced it with the Avenue of Balance, and the temples hanging high above blurred one after another, turning into rubble, and the saints dimmed.
Then, he added: “My nephew’s name also seems to be Wangdao.”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Someone immediately responded to the No. 1 extraordinary source.
On the discussion platform, the scriptures were turning an