ing on the boat in the deepest part of the fog.

“Today, I am in a hurry and don’t want to fight with you. However, I have recorded this account. I will lead a group of passionate old brothers to come to this world again next year!”
Wang Xuan said, indeed he did not move rashly, because he saw further away, the beast-shaped true king also rose up, appeared silently, and looked here.
Although the beast-shaped true king is not approaching yet, who knows its true intention. The two true kings are here, and Wang Xuan does not want to stay for a long time.
However, he didn’t want to leave directly.
Wang Xuan was so fast that he drove the boat in the mist silently forward and rushed past the handful of dead bodies.
/A round of unparalleled dazzling scorching sun flew across the sky, and he suddenly moved his fist seal, blasting towards the powerful Wuyuan in the middle.
In an instant, Patriarch Wuyuan was beaten to pieces, and blood rained everywhere.
“It’s a pity.” Wang Xuan shook his head. Lu Po Da Neng would not be able to completely eliminate him without killing him a few times. He did not stop because the insect-shaped true king came to kill him.
/With a whoosh, he disappeared.
The insect-shaped true king chased after him, but in the end he didn’t even see a shadow, and his speed actually lagged far behind the opponent!
After Wang Xuanyuan left, he entered the highest spiritual world, officially embarked on the journey, and rushed to the next destination without getting entangled in the super mythical world.
Because he really can’t do anything to the true king now.
“The target, the transformed new world, and the universe on the other side!” He wanted to go there and take a look, because there was a shortcut between Yihui, Mingxuan’s world, and at his speed, it should be less than 10 years. You can arrive there.
In fact, he arrived in only 5 years, mainly because the road was in disrepair, and many areas connecting the portals to different universes were dilapidated. He had to stop and go, and he could not take advantage of his speed, otherwise he would be faster.
The mythical nature of this land has long been revived. The artificially shaped land, the mythical planet, and the universe beyond are all flourishing.
Wang Xuan came here mainly to find Miao Gu, and to try to contact the ancestors through the Yudao modules related to Ma, Dao, Hongxiu and others on this cheap nephew to see if he could sense them.
On a giant island rich in extraordinary factors, Miao Gu was shocked to see the evil uncle who deceived his master and destroyed his ancestors again in the new era!
“Master nephew, you are making progress. You will become a new saint soon. When you go through the tribulation later, I will help you protect your path.” Wang Xuan said with a smile on his face.
He was very direct and made his intentions clear.
Miao Gu secretly whispered, “Uncle Master, you came at the right time. I contacted them many years ago. Many ancestors have already embarked on their return journey, and it seems that they started