years ago, the members of the Hot-blooded Elderly Group naturally attracted people’s attention. After all, even the true king fell on the opposite side.

Therefore, even the vague records of the era of gods, the dynasty of giant beasts, and the reign of the old saints have been uncovered, and famous creatures in history have been remembered. Even the two working insects took advantage of it, mainly because they were afraid that one day they would encounter evil spirits and encounter the great sage without knowing it.
/“Zhuo, the fierce man who once defeated the three elders of the Old Saint, but was hated by others and died in the historical years, is the Old Saint still alive?!” The two supreme saint insects became paralyzed.
“Hurry up and call someone, ask the old saint to come and subdue the big demon of the same period!” The two holy insects looked anxiously.
Although they knew that their boss was an anomaly, very strong, and very powerful, they would never have imagined that he was now a true king.
The main reason is that they are rebellious and always want to rebel and run away. It is impossible for Wang Xuan to inform them of the specific situation as a confidant, so he really positions them as migrant workers.
“Wait quietly.” Wang Xuan said.
Zhuo arrived along the line of causality and destiny. He was wearing a blue and gold battle suit. He looked innocent and clear. He had a handsome young face with a red flame pattern between his eyebrows. He had a really good temperament.
However, his inner self cannot escape the true king’s perception. It is bloody and entangled with many threads of fate. This intercepts the “future” of many geniuses.
“It’s surprising that you two strong men from a long time ago died, but your clone seeds survived in this way.” Zhuo said with a smile. He traced the roots of the Karma Silkworm and the Destiny Cicada and knew their early years. The real body once had a great background.
“Intercept your future, we will be together.” He said the cruelest thing gently.
Then, he looked at Wang Xuan and said: “The most unexpected thing is you, the rising new saint, the anomaly in the future. Originally I didn’t want to touch you, but you are here today and I can’t avoid it.”
Wang Xuan looked at him and said: “It seems that you have been dormant and have never gone on an expedition with the Old Saints or joined the Elderly Heavenly Group. The news is out of date and you are a bit behind the times.”
The other party doesn’t know that he is the true king, naturally because he is too far away from the “inner circle”.
Zhuo said calmly: “I know there are very powerful people behind you, Ma, Wang Zesheng and others, so what? I have already deceived the secrets, and no one can trace them. Not to mention you who are alone, even Wang Zesheng and others are here in person , if I am given a chance, I might not be able to intercept their vitality and future.”
However, the next moment, he was no longer calm, his expression suddenly changed, he tore apart the world, turned around and wanted to run