were very calm and decided to guard the periphery of this area.

Soon, Wang Xuan rushed out of the pool and generally cleaned himself, but he still felt that there was still a smell.
“There is nothing we can do unless we peel off a layer of skin.” He slapped a dozen strange fish that bit him and just took a bath. There were various creatures in the pool attacking him. Even if he couldn’t bite, he still had to hang on. On him.
Suddenly, a piercing scream came, and the mother snake made an earth-shattering noise, shattering a large forest, and chased her down.
Both cubs fainted, causing it to go into a rage.
At the same time, the male snake became enraged after hearing its scream.
The strength of the male snake was even more terrifying. It almost flew across the mountain forest, as if it was flying, chasing him all the way.
/Wang Xuan’s head is as big as a bucket and his hair is standing on end. Can he escape? He always felt that he still smelled a little bit.
At the same time, he noticed something was wrong with him. He had a fever and his skin was hot.
Looking carefully, he was surprised to find that there were red marks on the body surface, one after another. At the same time, his vision seemed to have improved.
What’s happening? In an instant, he thought of the bunch of blood grapes. Was he really going to become a monster?
In the distance, a big explosion sounded. The male snake was so terrifying. It was much more powerful than the female snake. It crossed close to the mountain forest and landed on a low mountain, shaking the mountain wall.
It is using its extraordinary perception to sweep the nearby mountains and forests.
/The female snake screamed with so much rage that all kinds of frightened birds and beasts fled, causing chaos throughout the mountains.
It seemed to be telling the male snake with a sharp cry that something was wrong with the two cubs.
Wang Xuan’s whole body was cold. He thought that if there was no accident, he would probably die, because there was no way he could be as fast as those two extraordinary creatures.
As long as they follow the scent, they will definitely find his traces.
He felt that life was too gloomy today, with each step leading to disaster, and just after escaping from life, he was about to fall into hell again.
There was a high probability that he would not be able to escape from the death pursuit of two extraordinary monsters.
Sure enough, with the big explosion in the forest, large trees fell down. The male snake was extremely sharp and jumped down from the top of the mountain, chasing him down in this direction.
“Da Wu, I haven’t found your body yet.” Wang Xuan sighed. Is he really going to die here today?
“Qinghan, I hope you can return to Xinxing alive!” Wang Xuan tried his best to escape.
“Old Zhong, I never found the opportunity to go in and take a look at your study. It contains golden bamboo slips and five-color jade books. What a pity!”
Wang Xuan became furious and ran towards that special mountainous area. He had no choice but to make a last dit