short time through the portal, but on the Guardian Star you can only stick to the Guardian Star.

David also sent invitation letters to the fifth-level Templars of Dexter and Nelson, but they both expressed to David that they were unable to go due to their heavy garrison duties.
/“Two level five Zerg, led by countless Zerg, have surrounded the guard star. We have retreated into the underground passage. I don’t know how long we can hold on!” Nelson’s level five Templar replied.
At this time, Dexter’s fifth-level Templar and Nelson’s fifth-level Templar were in a very embarrassed state. Their combat power was not weak, otherwise they would not have come to guard the planet to perform their missions.
But if the two of them were to face a fifth-level Zerg, they would still be able to fight, but if they were to fight two fifth-level Zerg at the same time, they would be unable to cope.
Not to mention that there are countless Zergs that surround the guarding star cluster. Without the portal, it is difficult for the two of them to break through the encirclement.
Dexter’s fifth-level Templar and Nelson’s fifth-level Templar never thought that the Zerg would be so persistent in hunting them down, and hunted down their two energy clones in half of the Chaotic Star Territory.
First, the fifth-level Zerg arrived at the guarding star first and had a battle with two of their fifth-level Templars.
The two fifth-level Templars used the various magic formations on the guarding star to deal with the two fifth-level Zerg for a period of time. The Zerg behind them also arrived, and they continued to arrive.
In order to survive, the two fifth-level Templars had no choice but to enter the fortifications of the guarding star and rely on various patterned magic circles to hide themselves.
There are not many humans on the guarding planet, and only a small number of merchants transfer goods here. Some of these people were killed when the Zerg came, and some entered the secret room.
The fifth-level Templars of Dexter and the fifth-level Knights of Nelson sent a distress signal to Speaker Gould during the emergency. At the same time, they also continued to send messages for help to their respective friends.
However, due to the war order of the Supreme Council, a large number of fifth-level Templars were summoned. Even the fifth-level Templars who were free did not dare to go deep into the chaotic star field at this time.
Of course, the most important thing is that if you set off immediately after receiving the distress message, it will be difficult to reach the guardian star before the two Templars are killed.
Two level five Zerg and a huge number of Zerg. Such enemies would not dare to agree to go unless they have strong strength.
Dexter’s fifth-level Templar and Nelson’s fifth-level Templar got advice from Speaker Gould after contacting many friends to no avail. Now only Lord Arthur has the free time and the strength.
/However, Speaker Gould did not contact him personally. He knew very well that if he contacted Lord Arthur persona