the other side of the world.”

Elder Long Dai asked doubtfully: “Aren’t we going to enslave them?”
Chao Yuandao glanced at him and said displeasedly: “We, the Dragon Clan, are the masters of this world. When we return to the Earthly Immortal Realm and reunify the three realms, of course we still have to be the masters. Where there is a master, there must be a slave.”
Elder Long Dai understood and said with a smile: “What if they are not happy?”
Chao Yuandao smiled slightly: “Then you destroy their seal of the Earthly Immortal Realm, so that the ascendants from the Earthly Immortal Realm can ascend to the Heavenly Immortal Realm. Then we can follow these rays of light and penetrate the passage.”
Elder Long Dai said yes and followed him to learn the language of the earthly immortal world for a few days before flying into the ray of light.
/Chaoyuan Dao circulated his magic power, and with a single palm strike, the rising rays of light immediately flew back, flying out of the gap in the heavenly world and heading towards the earthly fairyland!
Ascending Xiaguang led a person through the gel zone at a much slower pace. In the twilight, Elder Long Dai saw that the fool Ah Fu was loyal and honest, but he did not bully him. He stammered in the human language that he was not yet proficient in: “My name is Long Dai. If you cooperate well, I can not only spare your life.” , I can also teach you how to transform without dying, and teach you the Taoism and magical powers of the other side. In the past few days, you have taught me your language. Do you understand?”
The fool Ah Fu nodded hurriedly, but secretly worried in his heart.
He had just ascended, and his strength was still low. He didn’t know how to kill this powerful dragon.
He thought of countless ways, but they were more than enough to deal with the Heavenly King, but far from being able to deal with the existence of the Supreme Realm.
/In just a few days, Elder Long Dai mastered the language of the Earthly Immortal Realm and was able to converse skillfully with the fool Ah Fu.
The fool Ah Fu stammered: “Elder, can you teach me the magical powers of the other side of the world?”
“I promised you, and I will certainly not break my promise.”
Elder Long Dai taught for two days. After all, the fool Ah Fu didn’t have a brain and couldn’t understand his explanation.
Elder Long Dai didn’t take it seriously and continued talking to himself. The fool Ah Fu complained that he didn’t understand. Long Dai smiled and said: “I promised you that I will teach you the Taoist and magical powers of the other side. Naturally, I will not break my promise. As for whether you can listen or not.” If you understand, then it’s not my responsibility.”
Idiot Ah Fu is angry.
Seeing his crazy but helpless look, Elder Long Dai couldn’t help but laugh, feeling very happy.
The fool Afu’s face turned red, he thought for a long time, and said: “You continue talking, it’s up to me whether you understand or not!”
Seeing his stubbornness, Elder Long Dai also got angry and said: “You, a mo