d him, raising their heavenly swords according to his will. Slash forward.

In an instant, there were countless heavenly knives, and every bite was like a sea of ??stars in the universe burning. And with so many long knives gathered together, it was like the worlds were illuminated at the same time, and all the heavens were under eternal silence. The world is recovering together.
In the new world, all the extraordinary beings had their hair on end and their hearts trembled with fear. Even across the supreme purification circle, this made their souls deeply uneasy.
Wang Xuan is always in the human world, and various textures flow out of his body surface, manifesting countless densely packed utensils, from fairy swords to halberds, to stoves, Wanfa stone towers, etc.
Then, immeasurable light bloomed from his body, evaporating various miniature sacred artifacts, turning them into massive secret treasures, which began to enlarge, float up and down in the deep air, and faced those heavenly knives.
The dense sword light of the Immortal Sword Cutting Heavenly Sword collided with countless blade bodies, making a clanging sound, cutting through the eternal silence of the deep sky, illuminating the world.
Those small furnaces enlarged rapidly and became eternal divine furnaces. The furnace lids opened automatically, like a whale sucking a cow to drink. A large number of heavenly knives were taken in, and they were all melted away. The remaining knives turned into broken imperial textures.
Outside Wang Xuan’s body, countless secret treasures shined in the infinite light, rotating around him in all directions, destroying all laws, and the endless heavenly sword was obliterated.
/Moreover, with the bright light outside his body, a large number of secret treasures rushed towards the temple like a stormy wave crashing on the shore.
For a moment, Miao Gu couldn’t stay where he was. He moved across the sky and underground, flapped six pairs of silver wings, and used forbidden secrets to fight against the infinite light.
If it were in a normal universe, countless stars would be wiped out, and the vast starry sky would be permanently extinguished.
After all the sacred lights faded, there was a bang. Miao Gu’s body shook and he staggered backwards. Some blood-stained silver feathers fell in front of him.
“He is worthy of being the most powerful villain on the cusp of recent trends. Wang Qingzhou’s sense of oppression was so strong that he didn’t even move, but let God King Miao Gu fly into the sky and escape, his silver wings stained with blood!”
In the new world, many extraordinary people are shocked. Especially those in the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century have serious expressions. Their strongest alien king is at a disadvantage.
Miao Gu flapped his wings, and the blood stains disappeared. He nodded and said: “It is indeed very strong, but you are probably behind the times. Let me show you the true bright fire of civilization in our extraordinary world.”
When the two of them started to fight, the