e extraordinary center that was undergoing a great migration.

It was actually the Royal Dao Flag that had arrived.
All the supreme beings were startled. Is there anyone really going through the tribulation? Moreover, he was so arrogant that he didn’t even bother poaching him, but he came over on his own initiative!
“What’s going on with you?” Mamoru was stunned. Why did Yu Daoqi take the initiative to expose himself?
“I don’t know what happened, but I was suddenly sucked in by the extraordinary center.” Yu Daoqi was helpless.
Then, he fought against Thunder in the tribulation light, looked down at a group of people, and said: “What are you looking at? Sooner or later, I will stab you to death one by one!”
At this moment, a change occurred. At the end of the sky, 12 strange flowers shook violently, and two of them, in particular, swooped down at extremely high speeds.
A holy flower was in full bloom. Its huge buds sank into the imperial flag, shrunk rapidly, and fell on his chest, blooming with immeasurable light.
/what’s the situation? Yu Daoqi himself was confused.
“Brother Qi, you are wearing a small red flower on your chest, and you have been praised and rewarded in public.” Wang Xuan muttered in the mist.
Another flower, like a flower made of black gold, fell on Lorraine’s heart and blended with her.
In an instant, a small group of supreme beings were all jealous. They established a religion and preached. Why? As a result, two kinds of supreme authority suddenly became less available to others.
“Grab it!”
How can they care about so much now? Even if some of the saints return, they will still fight for it.
/“Shou, you haven’t learned Ma’s skills. If your skills stop here, then let me send you on your way!” the beast demon said coldly.
“No, let’s stay the same. I’ll take over from Ma and beat you to death again!” Mamoru said, and for a moment, his breath was different.
Although he frowned slightly, a heavy fog rose outside his body and became extremely dangerous. At this moment, his moral conduct seemed to be drastically improving!
All the supreme beings stopped, and some people even stepped backwards, and lost their voices: “A single land-breaking realm?!”
A group of royal saints were shocked!
The 6th level is the realm that all the supreme beings in the extraordinary center are longing for, are crazy about, and strive to enter.
Mamoru was exposed in this way. Standing in the heavy fog, his whole person was blurred. Occasionally, the light of the mythical tide passed by, making his handsome face flicker.
The beast demon was shrouded in black robes, and his voice was hoarse: “Unexpected, but it is also reasonable. After all, he is the inheritor that the old saint values ??and cultivates with all his strength. How can he be a mediocre person.”
Others couldn’t be so calm. They were frightened by Lu Po’s defense. Facing such an unparalleled master, a single saint who stepped forward would definitely die!
“Perhaps there is something wrong with the Lu Breaker.” The ascetic Yihong opened hi