en the Grand Master can escape.

He chased after him, and his spiritual realm exploded, like a waterfall pouring down, illuminating the dark forest.
The Moonlight Bodhisattva finally understood what his companion had gone through, and he couldn’t bear it. His fragile mental consciousness was overwhelmed, and he screamed involuntarily.
At the same time, his body lost balance, staggered, and almost fell to the ground.
Wang Xuan caught up with him, slapped him down, and pushed the man’s head down until it was partially buried in his chest. It was impossible for him to survive anymore.
He controlled his strength, not wanting to smash the opponent’s head and get his hands full of brains.
“Grandmaster Ma, the seven over there belong to you, and I am responsible for hunting down the fourteen here. Don’t let any of them go!” Wang Xuan shouted, and he signaled Xiao Maju to chase them.
/There was a killing spree today, and he couldn’t let anyone go. If someone really slipped through the net, he would report it to the Qin family, and he would have no choice but to hide in a secret place and never return to Xinxing.
During the chase, Wang Xuan picked up a knife from the ground, initially for beheading. He caught up with seven or eight people and killed them all.
Then he broke the knife into pieces and threw them, shooting through the rest of the men.
It can only be said that his speed was too fast. The furthest of these people ran more than a hundred meters, and the nearest was beheaded after just taking a few steps.
Otherwise, it would be difficult for Wang Xuan to find them all if they scattered and fled into the forest.
Grandmaster Ma was really psychic. When Wang Xuan used his spiritual realm to resonate and talk to it, it actually understood most of the meaning.
/Apart from the middle-aged men of the Qin family, there was only one such murderer alive.
Wang Xuan interrogated the two men separately.
This middle-aged man from the Qin family had been gloomy and cold before, but after witnessing Wang Xuan kill two Moonlight Bodhisattvas in succession and behead a group of masters, he trembled directly, his face turned pale with fright, and he asked what to say.
The Qin family does have a stronghold here, and it has existed for many years.
There is a group of experts here, all elites left over from previous expeditions. They are all raised in this stronghold. These people are not allowed to return to Xinxing.
“Eye flickering, what else are you hiding from me?” Wang Xuan stared at him, using his spiritual realm, almost causing him to collapse, and he said everything in an instant.
This base is also a laboratory!
In the early years, the Moonlight Bodhisattva except for gene editing and analyzing the flesh and blood of the real ancient Bodhisattva for use. In the later period, the body was nourished with super substances and gradually cultivated.
Supermatter was discovered in a mysterious place by people in the field of new arts. It is also called the God Factor and is favored by major scientific research.
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