Mamoru nodded and said: “We are just taking precautions, worried that you will send out creatures that have surpassed the realm of Makuten, and you did indeed do so.”

Yun Ling said: “We are just taking precautions. But Fuye has never used alien-level power.”
Mamoru said: “Well, Wang Xuan is just using extraordinary means.”
The extraordinary beings from both realms were petrified. Is this because they each predicted that the other would violate the rules, so they took precautions first? Why do you feel like the bosses on both sides are so thick-skinned? !
The extraordinary beings below all thought that each other’s senior leaders were telling lies in a serious manner.
The top leaders of both sides were silent for a short time, and then Lu Breaker Yun Ling spoke: “Since the battle is not completely over yet, let them let go and fight with all their strength.”
“No, there are other candidates to compete in the alien realm.” Shou objected, not wanting Wang Xuan to be scrutinized by all parties. At the same time, he also knew that he had just broken into the alien realm and was probably not as high-level as his opponent.
“Why not? Since an accident happened, let’s continue to the end.” Yun Ling insisted.
On the battlefield, Fu Ye completely unlocked his true nature and instantly recovered from his injuries, making him as good as ever. Furthermore, he took big strides to press forward, locking the opponent with his spiritual realm.
“Fight to the end!”
“There is a beginning and an end!”
In the No. 2 Myth Center, many extraordinary people shouted, mainly because they had confidence in Fu Ye. Even their own Lu Breakers had spoken. They hoped that the battle would continue. What else was there to worry about?
/“Then kill him!” At the No. 1 Myth Center, many extraordinary beings were also aroused. They hoped that Wang Xuan would continue his glory and defeat his opponents in the alien field, win more happily and shut up the opponents.
In the two myth centers, a large number of monks started making noises.
Wang Xuan stared at his opponent and conveyed his dissatisfaction with mental ripples: “Are you seriously ill? You had a tacit understanding to fake the fight. No, you finished the fight normally. Isn’t it great? Why should you report it?”
Fuye responded: “Because you don’t abide by the rules. You had a tacit understanding and just dueled in the transcendent realm, but you went beyond the limits.”
Wang Xuan couldn’t explain to him clearly that he didn’t use high-level power, but the other party obviously didn’t believe him and always looked at him like a sixth man.
“You can’t leave!” Fuye said calmly. In a completely free-spirited battle, he had never frightened anyone. He cut off half of his body, and his opponent still wanted to escape intact?
He presses forward!
/Wang Xuan is very angry. After the situation has reached this point, it is difficult and tricky. Not only is his identity as a stranger exposed, but the secret of the Lu Breaker may also be revealed.
“As you wish!” Wang Xuan was annoyed and decid