ur cave. If I hadn’t practiced the “Unmoving Fundamental Heart Sutra”, the world would be the same. Even though the five calamity mountains outside the True Saint Dojo were collapsing before my eyes, I could still feel as calm as water, but just now I was really about to jump up and run away!”

Wang Xuan turned around, it seemed that he had to bear everything by himself.
At the same time, he secretly marveled, Wu Dalang’s character was so powerful, it was really not easy for him to be able to keep calm.
“Can you help me find a quiet place? I was disturbed by your Fairy Xiao just now and failed. I have to continue to retreat while the feeling is still hazy around me.”
Wang Xuan went to find a young man wearing a true phoenix mask and asked him to find a suitable room.
“The study must be out of use. It will be left to strangers to extract the traces of the murderer. Let’s find another place.”
The four young men and women around Xiao Yue were waiting in the side hall, standing together, trying to arrange him into a room next to the dressing room.
“You didn’t get beaten?” At this time, An Jingqi and Zhuo Yanran walked over, showing different colors. They both had outstanding looks, like people in a painting, walking together, beautiful and otherworldly.
Seeing the two of them arriving, the four young men and women involuntarily took a few steps back, as if they knew them, with a look of caution.
Wang Xuan realized that they were not lying when they said he would be beaten earlier. He was sure that these two were related households and had known about the situation here for a long time.
“Do you want to retreat?” Jing Jingqi asked.
/Wang Xuan nodded and said: “It might have been possible to break the limit, but it was interrupted by their unexpected interference. Now I want to try again.”
An Jingqi and Zhuo Yanran both looked shocked. This guy has broken the limit three times. Is he going to make progress again?
“We’ll help you find a place where no one will disturb you.” The two helped.
“Thank you very much!”
Wang Xuan was taken to a quiet room. He slowly closed the door made of mixed gold and added a seal, preparing for a second expedition to keep the enemy out of this star field.
“This guy kept a low profile and actually said thank you.” Outside, two women were talking.
Wang Xuan was very busy and was planning to cross the star field to beat people. Naturally, he didn’t want to cause trouble, so he was more polite with them and hoped to take action quickly.
“What’s the situation over there? Are there any strangers at the scene?” He asked the mobile phone to learn the details of the area beyond dozens of star fields.
“There is a gathering of geniuses there. It’s not a martial arts showdown, but a real fraternity. Well, they are all people whose names are written in the golden book.” The mobile phone wonder told.
Wang Xuan was moved. Everyone attending the meeting was an undefeated true immortal in several realms? That’s it!
/The mobile phone Qiwu said: “They are not true immortals. They are all heaven-