Finally, Lu Yun said: “The destination of our trip is the ‘World Cliff’. We must keep a certain distance from each other on the way to avoid accidental injury.”
Because everyone sees and feels differently, they may have various reactions on the way, and they may even take action. If you get too close, something could easily happen.
Wang Xuan went on the road alone, passing by a huge frozen lake and walking on the ice. He looked down with his spiritual eyes, just one glance, and he didn’t want to look anymore.
Under the surface of the lake, there were many frozen corpses that were soaked white.
There were even frozen hands exposed on the lake, full of powerlessness and frozen there.
“There has never been a myth. It’s just that people who pursue the extraordinary are self-hypnotizing. When they can’t go on and wake up briefly, they all go to self-destruction.”
“These mentally disturbed people either threw themselves into a lake or committed suicide by jumping off a building.”
“Wake up and don’t be addicted to myths. If things continue like this, this is a disease more terrifying than addiction to cigarettes and toxins.”
Wang Xuan’s expression remained calm, and these words had no effect on him.
“Dr. Zhang, the virtual dream treatment method we use cannot wake up the patient and cannot stimulate his more active consciousness area. What should I do?” This is a woman’s voice.
“Intensify the stimulation and perform current therapy.” A man responded.
Wang Xuan was surprised, how could he still hear such a conversation in a place close to the source of myth?
/Then, he frowned, lightning flashed in the void, and huge thunder fell from the gray sky, striking in front of him.
Then, lightning followed one after another. Is this a catastrophe? He was surprised, then frowned deeply, and he had to passively overcome the disaster.
“Dr. Zhang, the effect of electrotherapy is not great, and the patient’s consciousness does not have a particularly violent reaction.” The woman’s voice came again.
“Increase the current stimulation and cooperate with the virtual dreaming method to make him understand that if he continues to indulge in fantasy, he is really going to die and must wake up.”
Wang Xuan was going through a catastrophe, and it was a very powerful catastrophe. His clothes and armor were all broken into pieces. It was so powerful that he was covered in blood.
“Spicy as a chicken!” He was a little annoyed, but finally understood that he was the so-called “patient”?
Was there a catastrophe here because someone from the outside world was giving him “electrotherapy”? This was so absurd that he naturally didn’t believe it.
What he experienced on the road and what he saw and felt made him feel that it was excessive and disgusting, and he regarded him as a patient!
“Although there are too many myths in various religions, they have all been falsified. As a modern person, how can we be addicted to them.”
“The human body has six inherent consciousnesses, and some religions add the alaya consciousness, amaro consc