o disappeared from the Tattoo Palace, and when he reappeared, he sensed that the rhyme of the True Saint Dao was flowing in many places outside the world.

Several dojos were approached by foreign enemies. This was an extremely terrifying event, and every dojo was alarmed.
“In the past, I thought ‘Tao’ was invincible, but in the end something happened and he was confirmed to be dead. The new monster that appeared should not be him.” Jie Dao said to himself.
His emotions were aroused, and he just wanted to fight. If he didn’t cut the mobile phone with a knife, he felt uncomfortable all over his body. How dare he do this to him? Even if the “Tao” was resurrected and blocked him in front, he would dare to attack it immediately!
“People who have died outside the list?” He frowned, and then walked through a huge and boundless extraordinary fire with a calm expression.
Yes, for such a brief moment, he was forced to take a “walk” to the Paper Temple again. Although he still had the urge to call him “spicy ass”, he acted very calmly.
At this time, he finally left the outside world completely.
Mainly because, several true saints came, broke through countless vortexes of chaos, and approached infinitely, indirectly destroying this “trajectory”.
Jie Dao was indifferent and walked away with his hands behind his back. The overflowing sword light cut through time and space and embarked on the return journey. He wanted to immediately deal with the “monster” with mysterious origins.
However, the next moment, he was angry, and there was a knife light rushing out of his eyes, crushing time, and evaporating the endless waves. There was something wrong with the channel he broke and was interfered with.
/At this time, he unexpectedly came to a deep sea, accompanied by the initial breath of all things. On the sea, there was a dilapidated Taoist palace, with chaotic energy hanging down from the tiles.
“Origin Sea, Chaos Holy Palace!” This time, he did not flash his sword, nor was he in a hurry. Instead, he walked on the waves, passed through the chaos, and walked in.
At the end of the mysterious world, there was silence in the huge central palace. Wang Xuan had earlier felt that there was an “ultimate true immortal” here, but when he scanned it with his spiritual consciousness, he found that it was all in vain.
Finally, he found a message, or rather a spiritual imprint, on a thick pillar made of the sun god’s gold.
“I escaped from prison, broke free of my shackles, and am no longer ‘on duty’ here. I will never see you again!”
This is a “supreme true immortal” with character, who actually ran away, and he really succeeded. The place was empty and silent, no one was left.
Originally, this was destined to be the most terrifying level, with an extremely difficult and dangerous battle.
The other party is very likely to be an extremely strange person. He has been polishing himself for many eras, so he must be very terrifying. In the end, he gave up and quit.
“I have been along the way, first becoming the supreme true imm