his time would not help, but would only alert the enemy.

Although top-grade kryptonite is not a very valuable item to the nobles, it is a noble item that is inaccessible to ordinary people.
David has absolute strength as his own confidence. He is not worried about any traps. He just wants to find out who wants to deal with him.
/He originally thought that after two attacks on the fifth-level Templars and the nobles behind them, the other nobles would not dare to trouble him again, but he still guessed wrong.
So David was ready to continue killing again. He believed that as long as he killed a few more times and killed all the nobles, no nobles would dare to target him.
The positioning alchemy circle continued to transmit signals to the outside, and the ‘Starry Sky Ship’ was still flying. Except for the few crew members, no one knew that the danger was approaching.
The Shadow Attendant was on the ‘Starry Sky Ship’, using the ‘Eagle Eye Technique’ to observe the distance.
One day later, David, who was lying in the bedroom of the Starship, suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes full of surprise.
Shadow Attendant saw a ‘starry sky spaceship’ parked hundreds of kilometers away. If Shadow Attendant hadn’t activated the ‘Eagle Eye Technique’, he would not have been able to spot a ‘starry sky spaceship’ so far away in space.
/Naturally, what surprised David was not the ‘Starship’, but the six people who flew out of the ‘Starship’.
These are six fifth-level Templars, and the number of six fifth-level Templars is exactly the minimum number of people to form the most powerful knight formation.
The six fifth-level Templars appeared in their true form. They probably thought that the six fifth-level Templars acted together and their safety was guaranteed. Of course, they only sent energy clones, so they did not have the confidence to kill Duke Arthur. idea.
The six fifth-level Templars were all wearing fifth-level knight armor, with their faces hidden from view when their visors were pulled down.
This made it impossible for David to determine which force’s fifth-level Templars they were, but he was certain that they must belong to some top noble force.
Because except for the top noble forces, the rest of the great noble forces simply cannot summon six fifth-level Templars at once.
The attack area chosen by these six fifth-level Templars was also well-chosen. It took a day and a half to reach the Guardian Star from this area, and another day and a half to reach the nearest Tula Star.
This almost eliminated the possibility of David escaping. The flight time was one and a half days, which was the time for the ‘Starry Sky Ship’ to fly at full speed. To truly fly with the ability of the fourth-level sky knight, this time would be increased many times.
And there are six fifth-level Templars chasing him in this distance. Without the help of other strong men, David will definitely not be able to escape this attack.
This is the ultimate death, and this is also the place of death.
David’s eyes narrowed slightly. Of course he wa