ry out their own primitive bloody battles. The disciples and disciples will also come in. Really The saint hunts the true saint, and the rest will fight for their own salvation, it all depends on their own strength and destiny.”

Suddenly, 36 heavens away, half a piece of paper appeared directly. It was extremely bright at first, then bloody, red and black, suspended in the sky above the deceased’s dojo.
By the lake, in the peach grove, in front of the thatched hut, there are colorful fallen flowers, and the deceased opened his mouth: “#@&”
/He was talking in an ancient language, and I don’t know which era it belonged to. Outsiders couldn’t tell what it was, and no one could catch the clear mental fluctuations.
However, given his emotion and gesture, he was probably “greeting” the red and black half piece of paper. His fierce words could be described as “revealing true feelings”, which was very unfriendly.
The true saints of the four dojos such as Tattoo Palace and Guixu have opened their eyes to the extremely dangerous existences that leave their names in “Shangque”. The dead of the top supreme creatures are so powerful that they are on the must-kill list.
The deceased was very dissatisfied. In his dojo, a black and red list appeared. Who would care about this?
He didn’t know whether it was because the list was friendly and came out specially for him, or whether it was caused by someone. No matter what the reason was, it was an “offense” to him.
The key is that half of the list has not really come over yet, it just shows the physical and spiritual charm, which is extremely dazzling and bloody, like a black sun dripping blood.
None of the four true saints said a word. The deceased was really strong and domineering. He even dared to scold the must-kill list. If he was unhappy, he would definitely “greet” the four of them sincerely.
“I have to go through a small tribulation. You go, hurry up, don’t waste time.” The deceased said goodbye to the guests forcefully again, waving his hand for them to leave.
The four true saints Shichuan and Zimu stood up silently. This time they still didn’t even drink a cup of tea, and were directly invited out by the deceased again.
At the same time, they felt uneasy. The black and red half piece of paper should be the “Shangque”, which is exclusive to the most powerful creatures and is a place where a small number of hard-nosed households left their names.
In the next few days, the 36th level of heaven was not peaceful. There was a faint Taoist rhyme expanding like the beginning of the world. Someone spied on it, and it seemed that the deceased was taking action, as if he was overcoming a tribulation.
Some people also say that it is the afterimage of the deceased, reflected from the outer universe. He is far away from the extraordinary center and is dealing with the must-kill list.
People speculate that the noise caused by the deceased in the outer universe should be greater than what is felt now.
“You can kill the true saint!”
“Can strangle supreme beings.”
Some people