i suddenly calmed down a lot. He was just angry for a moment. He couldn’t bear to see his old friend going through hardships, but he couldn’t just rush through it impulsively.

“What do you think should be done?” Chen Yongjie asked him.
Qingmu was startled, seeing Wang Xuan frowning while his master was testing him, and the violent emotions in his heart gradually calmed down.
“Calm down, leave here first, and find someone to deal with them later. It’s just a ruined beast fighting palace. Those who dare to bully us like this must make it look good when they come back!” Aoki said.
Wang Xuan did not speak, but secretly talked with Li Xu to learn more about the situation.
He now covers everything with a bracelet made of Hunyuan Mithril, Wanfa Stone, and Eternal Black Iron, so he doesn’t have to worry about leaking anything.
/“You’re talking too much. It’s just a ruined Beast Fighting Palace?” Chen Yongjie glanced at Qingmu, feeling a little dissatisfied.
Qingmu said: “We, as well as Wang Xuan, know so many people, how can we still defeat a beast fighting palace?”
In his opinion, even if there is a stranger sitting here, so what?
/“Remember, our initial judgment was that the Beast Palace must at least be supported by an extraordinary person.” Chen Yongjie glared at him.
Lao Zhong said: “What I see and hear right now is enough to explain something. The battle scenes here can be changed at any time, the infinite starry sky, the deep sea, and even a piece of pure land from the True Saint Dojo can be transported and used.”
Qingmu swallowed a mouthful of super matter and said: “There shouldn’t be a true saint behind the Beast Palace, right?”
Then, he was so awe-inspiring that he could borrow the pure land of the True Saint Dojo as a battle scene. The foreigner should not be so proud, and he would not dare to mention such a thing at all.
He realized why Wang Xuan frowned and said we could talk about it later. The water here was probably a bit deep.
Chen Yongjie said: “Grow your brains and think more about what Wang Xuan said. What did the Demon Lord and Fairy Fang encounter when they crossed the sea.”
“Hiss!” Aoki gasped, a little uneasy.
The group of people who crossed the extraordinary sea of ??light encountered supreme creatures in the final stage, and were all taken away by True Saints or super prohibited items. Most of those old friends were living in the True Saints’ dojo.
Obviously, the little white tiger would not have been able to escape back then. After all, even Fang Yuzhu had the treasure in his hands and could not escape. Leader Zhang also became a disciple of Jiuling Cave.
After thinking about it this way, he felt that things here were not simple. If he really wanted to find someone rashly and treat the Beast Fighting Palace as a normal territory, he would be impulsive.
Aoki frowned deeply. The little white tiger was 90% snatched away by the True Saint, but she was left here. Was she not taken seriously, or was there an accident along the way?
If it’s the former, it proves that there must be a sup