erse, he has endured 30,000 years. He has seen his old friends, cherished friends, and four limit-breakers become strangers one after another. In the end, he couldn’t bear it anymore. , many years later, I still chose to break through and enter the heaven-level realm in the new universe.”

Wang Xuan sighed: “This is a ruthless person. A true immortal of the 5th level, he has been practicing hard for 30,000 years, and he has not moved at all. He still persists for so long. What are you trying to do? His ambition is really strong.”
/The mobile phone wonder said: “He got the support of the true saint behind him, and wanted to see if he could really break the limit six times in the end. Unfortunately, it took 30,000 years to prove that after the end of the myth, there is indeed a dead silence, and it is all in vain.”
“What happened to this true immortal?” Wang Xuan asked. His foundation of more than 30,000 years was so different that it was so thick that it was abnormal.
“A late bloomer, standing in the realm of aliens.” The mobile phone strange object told him plainly.
After breaking the limit five times, he finally became a stranger with the qualifications of a true saint. It is a bit ironic to comment on a late bloomer. After so long of accumulation, he has not become a true saint?
The mobile phone wonder said calmly: “The qualifications of a true saint only mean that you can hope to become a supreme creature. It does not mean that you will definitely reach that height.”
Most of the true saints were achieved by people who took the ordinary path.
Wang Xuan nodded and said nothing more. After the end of the myth, there will be no six limit breakers. This is the consensus of the extraordinary center world. The true saint has sorted it out and recognized it.
He was a little curious about what was special about the woman who had not forgotten the strange thing on the mobile phone and was still worried about it. Then he was rude and asked if he didn’t understand it.
/“She is very outstanding. She broke the limit five times very early. She is better than other people with the qualifications of a true saint. She is quite powerful.”
The strange mobile phone emits a hazy light, and a blurry black and white photo of a girl appears on the screen. It has a hazy beauty. Sure enough, it remembers her deeply and can directly call up the photo.
“When she became an immortal, her physical body was indestructible and could not be broken by lightning strikes. She had achieved the original immortal body.”
Wang Xuan was moved. He had met someone of the same kind. He was indeed extremely extraordinary and rare in the world. Such people were rarely mentioned in various extraordinary records.
Mobile Qiwu said: “She possesses the spiritual eye and has evolved to the realm of Dacheng. She has taken the road of Yudao transformation ahead of schedule, and she gave birth to her own core Yudao mark during the True Immortal period.”
Wang Xuanran was stunned. Why did he feel like he was describing him?
“She coexisted with the light of the