authority, here, I allow you to keep some of your abilities, and all other authority will be transferred here.” Fang Yuzhu took out a strange active metal crystal like a Rubik’s Cube.

With cold metal tears in his eyes, the mechanical bird happily handed over the authority, and the ancient spaceship completely changed hands.
In fact, it is not of such a high level and is just an auxiliary intelligent machine. The real authority of each compartment of the ancient spaceship has been conquered by Fang Yuzhu, Zhang Daoling and others long ago.
Fang Yuzhu did not keep it. Wang Xuan saw this and said, “Then destroy it. This kind of active metal material is very precious and can be used to repair exotic treasures and so on.”
“No, I’m very practical. I can help you collect sample organisms, and I can also control any spaceship. In life, I can be everywhere. I am your most satisfactory housekeeper and your most considerate little cotton-padded jacket!”
/It is shameless. It used ancient spaceships to invade and connect to part of the old land’s network, and it is already very proficient in the current language.
“Give me the bird. As we get older, our understanding of new things is slower. I think it would be good to have this silly bird as an assistant.” The ancestor of the Netherblood Cult said, even giving it a name.
“I don’t dare to accept it,” said the Master. You are not ashamed to ask, and I am happy to serve you. Great ancestor of the Dark Blood Sect, if you know how to make good use of people, you will definitely be extraordinary in the future and survive the coming dark night of the mythical winter!”
After being let go by Wang Xuan, the mechanical bird nodded and bowed, and then tried to fly to the shoulder of the Dark Blood Cult Ancestor, showing its loyalty in a very disgusting manner.
“Why do I feel that this bird has gone too far to become a spirit? It’s time to kill the demon!” Zhang Daoling said. He was surprised and looked at the mechanical bird twice.
“It certainly has its origins. It is reported that its sample was taken from an extremely ancient existence. Even I can’t find out. However, it has been formatted many times and is very useful.” The blue-haired woman spoke and saw the mechanical bird So unscrupulous, I don’t mind exposing it.
The mechanical bird trembled and said: “Great Zhang Jiaozu, your reputation has shocked the past and the present. Your name is still spread in the world. Your view of immortality and your golden statue are known to the whole world. You save people in need. , admired by the whole world.”
The ancestor of the Nether Blood Cult said with a smile: “Xiao Zhang slays demons for the sake of spiritual practice. Can you scratch his itch?”
“Yes, I have top-secret information here. Deep in the starry sky, there are records about the strongest demons. There are some taboo lairs located on a half-material, half-energy plane. No one has been able to conquer them so far. Waiting for Zhang Jiaozu to surrender!” It quickly Retrieve it from the database and send it to Zhang Daoling