lacking, you are no better than Mavericks!” Fudao Niu was kicking and running wildly in the void while “cow talk”.

Zhang Daoling was sitting on the back of an ox and was shot by the city lord behind him. He was covered in blood and felt aggrieved, but he had to run for his life.
/“I am practicing in a remote universe. There is no such thing as breaking the limit five times. Normally, it is capped after two times. There are doubts three times. The extraordinary soil is different. Can it be the same? In a harsh environment, an extraordinary civilization will reach the limit after ten thousand years. Well, the accumulation of Tao Yun in the old universe is nowhere as strong as the extraordinary center.”
After finishing speaking, Leader Zhang patted the bull’s head and said: “Run quickly, several city lords are bending their bows again, and the prince is chasing after him, as well as the prowlers from Tianshen Mountain and the monsters from Ash Ridge, all of them have appeared!”
Fudao Niu complained: “You sit and talk without pain in your back. Calf, my four hooves are on fire when I run, and my soul is exhausted from exhaustion.”
“Didn’t I help you block the arrows? The flesh body was broken twice in a row.” Leader Zhang asked it how long it would take to open the space-time gate again.
“I’m too tired from running, and I’m not in good spirits. It’s going to be delayed.” Fu Sheng told a piece of bad news.
“Then you have a rest, and I will take you to escape!” Leader Zhang used the fragments of the Mutian Mirror as a protective mirror to cover his body, and jumped off the cow’s back.
Fudao Niu didn’t show any politeness. His body shrunk and he immediately lay on Lao Zhang’s back and let others carry the cow.
“Be honest!” Leader Zhang glared, clamped it under his arm, swished, spread his legs, and started running.
Fudao Niu said: “Master Zhang, it’s okay. Just because you have such long legs, it’s a pity to run around without any weight on weekdays. You have a unique ability to escape, and you’re faster than me.”
Why carry a heavy load and act as a mount? Lao Zhang wanted to crush it to death and said: “Shut up and recover quickly. If you keep squeezing again, we will all die!”
In fact, he ran really fast, otherwise he would not have been able to escape from the Transcendent Area. The people from the two cities and many armies were encircling and suppressing him, but they could not catch him.
In the distance, violent extraordinary factors surged, and the supreme holy object Gathering Immortal Flag appeared again. The princess was not dead either. After coming out of the dusk scene, she directly participated in the siege.
Then, another flag appeared, the Tao Yun was vast, suppressing the sky, making those who had broken the limit 5 times feel palpitating, and the Immortal Suppressing Flag of the Holy Imperial City was also brought!
“Xiao Niu, don’t run away. Kong Xuan is dead. Before the wonders of dusk emerge, why don’t you surrender?” The tall knight in bronze armor shouted. He was none other than General Fu