tears fell.

What kind of creature is that? Is it extremely alien? The creature felt powerless as he watched his entire family being wiped out, leaving no one behind.
“The birth and death of a galaxy is just a mottled stream of light in an instant. What does it matter after thousands of years? The old era ends, the extraordinary center changes, the race, homeland, and universe are all shattered, and one civilization after another is extinguished. Who is there? The myth has been transferred, and even the true saints are migrating with their tribe, as if they are fleeing, why is everything happening?”
The huge face was broken, and with a whisper, it dissipated and gradually disappeared in the dark space of the old universe.
“Who can prove that we have been here and existed? Is it worth it for the extraordinary center to keep migrating and follow the road?” That was his last voice echoing among the broken galaxies of the old era.
Until the end, everything was gone.
Wang Xuan was neither happy nor worried, silent and silent. It was just a fragment of Tao Yun that he felt in the distance. The outline of the outer universe was blurred, huge and boundless, and there were too many fragments of lost wonders.
/It was not until the latter half of the night that he “revived” and came out of his special fugue state.
“As the years roll forward, the vast universe stops for no one, epoch after epoch. Those supreme beings and the vast galaxy are just an insignificant wave in history, blooming in an instant and extinguishing in an instant. .”
In the Tao Yun of the outer universe that he sensed remotely, Wang Xuan saw too many joys and sorrows, strangers paving the way, whole families fighting for survival, but he could not escape the last scarlet scene, what kind of historical geniuses, in the changes of the universe , not even considered as dust, the sons of the True Saint died tragically in the bloody era, and he became numb when he saw them.
The decline of those strong men, the destruction of extraordinary races, and the death of saints are all past scenes that have passed away. After seeing them too much, it is difficult to resonate with them.
In fact, it is far less real than the smile of a child with tears in his eyes among the mortals he saw in a quick glance.
“Throughout one extraordinary era after another, I have witnessed too much. Will my heart become numb one day?” He said to himself.
Among the passing wonders, the cry of the most extraordinary person, why the extraordinary has moved, and why the myth has moved, are also his questions.
Late at night, Wang Xuan looked at the strange object on his mobile phone and asked about it, but there was dead silence.
Temporarily quitting the remote sensing state of capturing Tao Yun, he began to comprehend the “True One Sutra”, and the fog appeared again, covering the tower.
He understood the scriptures and combined them with reality. He disappeared from the stone tower in an instant and arrived in the city in one step. The sacred city has large buildings, hiding many