ht that cut through the sky.

It was the light of the sword, struck one after another on the hundreds of meters long centipede. Sparks flew everywhere, some of the carapace cracked, and insect blood flowed.
“This cow” everyone in the Zhensheng Dojo was shocked. The Fudao Cow’s combat power was very strong and remarkable. It was enough to be trained as the strongest disciple in any sect.
The Fudao Niu charged, purple energy steamed all over its body, and chaotic matter filled the air. It was not afraid of the regular poisonous fog that could corrode the soul, and it made a savage collision.
With a bang, it knocked the flying centipede away, and then killed it again. Its two horns shone with cold light, and a rich Taoist rhyme flowed.
/During several exchanges of blows, Fudao Niu pierced it, and with a pop, it flicked its horns and tore off the centipede’s back half.
The Flying Centipede had a clear consciousness, which was different from the past. After feeling the severe pain, the rules around him roared, shattered the void, and fled back.
“Is there anything else? Fu Sheng is here, who wants to fight!” it shouted.
Then, it flew out, covered in blood, with bones visible in some places, and a pitch-black bone arrow stuck in the cow’s butt, which almost exploded.
“Moo!” Fudaoniu was shocked and angry.
It was a joint effort of several city lords. Who cares if it was just one person blocking the road or multiple people joining forces. They were running rampant, targeting Kong Xuan to prevent him from breaking through.
“Come here!” Fudao Niu Yuanshen glowed with dazzling light. A purple ring flew out, carrying chaotic energy, and directly locked and tightened the flying centipede with its broken tail. Moreover, it also attacked with all its strength. Several other city lords.
Some city lords rushed over and used their most powerful spells to destroy the Tao Yun in the sky.
Leng Mei has been guarding the edge of the catastrophe. She was even bathed in a ray of electric light and guarded at a close distance. The black robe was illuminated as if it was inlaid with gold rims.
/At this time, she moved her hands, and an extraordinary and decaying spectacle appeared in the void. It was the evolution of the spiritual realm, attacking the awakened city lord.
“Ah” a city lord who had broken the limit five times shouted, covering his head. He came up and attacked Leng Mei’s strongest spiritual field. As a result, he suffered a huge loss. His soul was almost torn apart by that spiritual wonder. open.
On the ground, silently, blood-colored vines came out and spread across the ruins of the old imperial city. This was the method used by the True Saint Dojo to activate the strange fairy vines. They set up formations here to avoid the catastrophe and strangled Wang Xuan from the ground. .
After Leng Mei found out, she waved her right hand, and a fire with regular runes covered it. This was a kind of Hunyuan true fire that she had tempered, which was a mixture of sun fire essence, taiyin fire essence, red dust karma fire, etc.