y asked, did Gao Laozhuang appear recently?

“No, it has been around for many years.” The mobile phone told him, and at the same time warned him, “Gao Yuanwai is a powerful transcendent. If you are rude and rush into Gao Laozhuang, you will probably not be able to go to hell.” ”
Wang Xuan’s fainting is a bit outrageous. There really is a Gao Laozhuang, and there are super masters in it. So Zhu Bajie may have appeared in this world before Sun Wukong?
He allowed himself to slow down. He really needed to digest it. Is Zhu Bajie an acquaintance?
/In addition, if Gao Yuanwai is so powerful that Zhu Bajie can’t do any evil even if he wants to, maybe Gao Yuanwai took the initiative to capture Zhu Bajie as his son-in-law.
He was thinking wildly, and he felt that he was thinking too much. There was a layer of fog hanging over Lingxiu Star, and he needed to take it seriously. No matter what, he was here and already standing on the surface.
/Liuhua City is indeed a retro city, retaining the characteristics of a mythical city, with tall city gates, bustling streets, and people coming and going. There are extraordinary people of all races, and there are indeed many beauties.
“Bajie, who are you?” Wang Xuan pondered and entered Liuhua City.
Liuhua City shows the grandeur of the mythical city. It is said to be retro, but it is only a reflection of style. There are actually many modern elements in the city.
Everything is designed to be livable, with an emphasis on aesthetics.
Wang Xuan walked in the city, feeling the fireworks of the world, people coming and going, rubbing shoulders. Many of the people he saw were foreign races, and he even saw a mechanical race.
He could only sigh that Liuxia Star Territory was so famous that even the mechanical tribesmen wandering in the starry sky came here to admire it.
He has already understood that the base camp of the Machine Tribe is at least thousands of star fields away, extremely far away, and the war there has not yet been extinguished.
Of course, the aliens from the machine race and the experiencer race should have been killed. They are not limited to fighting on the original battlefield. It is just the former chasing the latter.
Wang Xuan was not in a hurry to explore Gao Laozhuang. After all, this prosperous star field was shrouded in a mysterious veil related to the outside world. No matter how cautious you are, you can’t be too cautious.
There are many high-level extraordinary beings in the city. After all, many of them come from the distant sea of ????stars and come here specifically to travel, ranging from true immortals to heaven-level ones, and even extraordinary beings.
“Candied haws, a unique flavor of this city, is made from high-quality spiritual fruits grown on old hawthorn trees that are more than 30,000 years old. It is refined in a fairy furnace. Old strangers and black and white bears say it is good after eating it.”
I have to say that Liuhua City is really unique. In a giant city frequented by high-level monks, it is still so down-to-earth. There are ven