the physical body Hold it hard?!”

Wang Xuan suddenly jumped up and rushed towards the attic like a living dragon, which shocked many people. For modern people, this scene is very shocking.
“You were shot but didn’t die?” Most of the people in the rain looked shocked and found it unbelievable.
Old Wu was also quite surprised. How far had this little king mastered the old skills?
“Xiao Wang is not dead. This is really a miracle. How did he do it?!” Wu Yin was shocked, and then showed joy, feeling that this young man was shrouded in mist.
In a certain courtyard, an old man looked calm and said coldly: “Have you really mastered the old skills and become incapable of killing with ordinary firearms? If you continue to improve so rapidly, it will be a bit dangerous. This kind of People should pay due attention and report when traveling.”
Wang Xuan ran in long strides, passing through the rain curtain, his eyes were pale gold, with endless murderous intent and coldness. On the way, he avoided the bullets that were fired again.
When he approached the attic, he changed directions several times, avoiding the window area. Finally, he jumped up, smashed the wall with one palm, and broke in through the big hole.
There were two people in the room. They were pale-faced people who couldn’t even be killed with a gun. They broke through the wall and came in front of them. How could they not be afraid?
One person was about to turn around and shoot again, but Wang Xuan was already in front of him, picked him up, and with a pop, all his limbs were blown apart by Wang Xuan’s fists.
/At the same time, Wang Xuan kicked another person’s gun-holding arm to pieces, and kicked him several times in succession. This person’s limbs were also a bloody mess.
After Wang Xuan eliminated them, he did not kill them and kept them for interrogation. The two powerful enemies behind him arrived and jumped in along the penetrated wall.
/Wang Xuan didn’t look back, went out through the window, and fell into the rain again. It’s not even thirty seconds yet, mainly because his speed is too fast!
The two people behind him said nothing and pursued him resolutely. They had a premonition that if they didn’t kill this young man, if they gave him some time, he would probably break through to the master realm.
A grandmaster in his early twenties is simply unheard of and unseen. Once he reaches that level, the future is unimaginable.
Not far away, a group of people came over and saw that Wang Xuan was still alive. They were so excited that they stepped forward to help.
Wang Xuan shouted: “Don’t come over here, go to the attic to deal with the person who fired the cold gun!”
Because these people who practice old arts can’t help at all. Once they get close to people wearing super-material armor and possessing master-level combat power, they will be killed in the shortest possible time.
In today’s old art field, let alone a master, even a quasi-grandmaster is extremely rare, mainly because this road is too difficult to walk. Since the disappearance of the