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Wei Bo came over with some Huanyang wine that he had not drunk yet, poured out two glasses, handed one to Wang Xuan, and said: “This extraterrestrial fireworks, grand event, although it is full of people and seems to be extremely lively, but, But I feel like I am standing alone on the cold ice field. Only when I see you do I want to have a drink.”
Wang Xuan actually didn’t like this person very much. He had seen his aggressive and domineering attitude. He regarded him as a weakling, so he couldn’t bear it and killed him.
Now, Weibo was depressed, and this feeling that resonated with him came, leaving him speechless. Obviously, everything stems from Xingyuehe’s misunderstanding, which made Weibo mistakenly believe that they are both frustrated people, and they empathize with each other and feel the same pain.
Wang Xuan didn’t say anything. He took the wine glass and drank it down in one gulp. After all, this was wine for rejuvenating yang, which could help people practice martial arts and be beneficial to the path of imperial transformation.
“Take care, I won’t say anything. In the future, if I make a comeback and develop a destiny body that is far superior to my second body, I will reunite with Brother Kong and have a drink together on the summit of glory.” After Wei Bo finished speaking, he turned around and left. , exit early.
“Who is this big brother?” Wolverine asked.
“Wei Bo, the suffering owner of Creation Garden.” Wang Xuan told him.
The wolverine was shocked on the spot. He really had nothing to say. Is this okay?
Soon, they diverted their attention and saw the super internet celebrity Qing Ya coming in as well.
It has to be said that Green Crow becomes a scene of its own when he stands there. Many people are looking at him. How can he come in?
/Qingya was very calm, and took the initiative to find Lu Renjia, clinked glasses with him, and told him how he got in and the path he would take in the future.
“Let them laugh at me. If I can really become a unit of measurement of combat power and spread throughout the stars, then I will follow the ancient method and take the path of becoming a god that was abandoned by the supernatural world. In this era, there are no competitors, so many people want to My name may really be able to shine with divine fire forever and lift up the Kingdom of God.”
This was the reason why he was able to come in. After he mentioned the path he wanted to take, the old man guarding the gate made an exception and let him in.
Lu Renjia patted him on the shoulder and said: “All roads lead to the true saint. Those who overcome obstacles and have the courage to go on the road are the real warriors. The future is bright, and you and I are on the road.”
/“Brother Cheng’s good words!” Qingya nodded. He had already let go of his grudges and had no more baggage. His eyes were firm and he said, “Now, what I have to do is to kill those geniuses. One day, if I become a super peer, Even aliens, I turn them all into 0.00001 blue crows!”
“I#!” A transcendent person passing by heard t