If the God of Death was not sleeping, even if David had some courage, he would not dare to attack the God of Death’s artifact.
But the God of Death has fallen into a deep sleep, and the God of Death’s artifact only has a piece of mindless consciousness left to automatically control the Chain of Death.
“What kind of ability is this?” The black dragon Alexis was a little confused. He knew exactly how hard the rock under him was.
/But this kind of rock, which is difficult to break for the now weak black dragon Alexis, seems to be made of soft mud in front of David.
Even the black dragon Alexis, who has a lot of experience, didn’t know that he had the innate ability of ‘underground sneaking’.
/You must know that when the black dragon Alexis was free, the Zerg had not yet invaded. He had never seen this unique innate ability of the Zerg.
David smiled and did not reply to the black dragon Alexis. It was too troublesome to explain the origin of the ‘underground stealth’ talent, so he was too lazy to explain.
He activated the ‘hypnotic pattern’ in the soul space, and the ‘hypnotic’ talent ability beyond the fifth level was stimulated. A ‘hypnotic’ pattern drawn by pure spirit flew out and rushed towards the special divine pattern of the death chain.
Although the Death Chain will not actively attack anyone other than the black dragon Alexis, who can guarantee whether David’s reaching out to control the Death Chain will cause the Death Chain to attack.
So David chose to use the ‘hypnosis’ talent ability. In his opinion, the only way to deal with the divine consciousness hidden in the chains of death was mental attacks.
The ‘Hypnosis’ talent ability comes from Gladstone, the God of Plague. Using a god’s talent ability to deal with another god’s consciousness is very reliable.
The ‘Hypnosis Pattern’ flew into the special pattern of the Death Chain. The divine consciousness was affected by the ‘Hypnosis Pattern’ without even having the consciousness to resist.
The one who feels it most directly is the black dragon Alexis. Originally, there were six death chains binding him, but now there are only five death chains, and the other death chain has given up its responsibility.
“Hurry up and untie these chains!” the black dragon Alexis said with the honorific title. After all, he signed a master-servant contract with David. When David showed these special abilities, he felt that he was about to The black dragon Alexis, who was about to escape from the sea of ??suffering, couldn’t help but feel grateful to David, and there was respect in his tone.
When David showed enough ability to earn the respect of Black Dragon Alexis, Black Dragon Alexis also had to show the attitude of a servant under the constraints of the master-servant contract.
David nodded, and he was not in a hurry. Although this death chain was controlled by the ‘hypnosis’ talent ability, it did not really belong to him after all.
He commanded the God of Death’s consciousness to open the recognition pattern through the ‘Hypnosis Pattern’, and then he l