e the giant bronze palace men playing tricks? Seeing that I, the Second King of Five Elements Mountain, are about to win, suddenly intervene in the competition? Let my brother Kong Xuan out immediately!”

The Zhulong Clan immediately retorted, saying: “It’s nonsense, it’s just a true immortal, and it’s just a matter of breaking the sky. How can he be an unparalleled opponent of our clan? If we continue to fight, we will be killed!”
Wolverine tilted his head to look at them and said: “Bah, you have been suppressed to the realm of true immortals by my brother Kong Xuan, how can you still be proud of yourself?”
“Giant Bronze Palace, you have to give us an explanation. What is the situation?” Many people stood up and asked loudly.
In fact, many people got up. If they don’t explain what went wrong, it will cause a crisis of trust in the Bronze Giant Palace.
For example, even some of the VIP seats were dissatisfied!
/Beast Girl announced on the spot: “The two duels were extremely powerful and broke the record. They not only gave us a surprise, but also gave everyone a surprise. For this reason, everyone present can have an extremely profound experience, that is A dream journey in the giant bronze palace. Meditate here, you can ‘sleepwalk’ into the past, imagine the future, travel through time and space, just like a real experience, it can appear anywhere!”
Then, she quickly explained: “More than 80 years ago, there was a heaven-level master who ‘sleepwalked’ into the outer universe. He was fortunate enough to witness a duel between a suspected ‘ancient and modern’ super prohibited item and an existence across time and space. After returning, Although he had been in a coma for 10 years, after he woke up, he quickly became a transcendent person and stood on a new level of life.”
There is an uproar here. Many people know about the “sleepwalking” experience in the Bronze Giant Palace, but it is open irregularly and requires reservation. It is also very expensive and many extraordinary people cannot afford it.
Now, they do get a surprise.
The beast girl said with a sweet smile: “I am giving you the experience of sleepwalking in real time and space for an hour. Please be prepared.”
In the mysterious little world, Wang Xuan looked at the strange object on his mobile phone and wanted to ask it, what do you want to do? There are three strangers here!
“I seem to have heard about your origins.” Qiwu on the mobile phone was not afraid of the stage and secretly started talking to Wang Xuan.
“None of your business!” Wang Xuan really didn’t want to pay attention to it at this moment.
Then, the mobile phone was automatically suspended in the air, aimed at the ancestor of the candle dragon in the depths of the universe, and then aimed at the alien Chen Gu in the giant bronze palace. It floated unsteadily.
Wang Xuan is no longer calm, what does he want to do? If it was to take a portrait of a stranger, especially to leave a portrait of Zhulong, he would not object, and would even support it with both hands.
No matter how you l