ed his hands and smiled bitterly: “Since my fellow Taoist has obeyed Emperor Ji’s order and is a guest from afar, why are you teasing us? As everyone knows, King Yan is the best at sowing discord. If someone else is present, I’m afraid It makes sense and I can’t explain it clearly.”

Lu Bei said nothing, took out a goose and started to chew it.
He, Tian Mingzi, couldn’t understand such a messy, complicated interpersonal relationship.
/Chang Wenyuan had no choice but to ignore the mistakes for the time being. The three of them cut through the darkness and came to the sky above Burial Nan Mountain.
The battle below has ended. Meng Yuan left, and Qu He stood alone, his tall back looking a little more lonely.
“Fellow Daoist Quhe, it’s time to go.”
“Old man”
“hold on.”
Tianzi Mountain, the residence of Qin Tianjian.
Xiongguan is built on the mountain. Under the bright sun and clear sky, there is darkness that is difficult to see with the naked eye, gathering demonic energy, and nailing the long tail of the golden dragon of luck.
Jiang Suxin sat upright in the bamboo forest, put down the wordless Taoist book in her hand, and murmured to herself: “The book of heaven depends on fate and fate, but not on people. I will never be weak to others in my life. Just because I have no fate and no fate, I will not have the way of heaven. This kind of truth is really unreasonable. Should.”
Footsteps sounded.
Qiu Yuan bowed and saluted, and handed a piece of intelligence in front of Jiang Suxin, reporting: “The Wuliang Sword Sect indeed has Tian Mingzi, who is guarding the Kunlun Mountains, waiting for the birth of the divine sword.”
/“The great sword comes from the north, and with a single thought, I obtain a magical weapon, which is superior to tens of thousands of magical powers.”
Jiang Suxin closed the information: “Bu Tian, ??the great master of swordsmanship in Wuliang Sword Sect, has lost his mind. According to the hexagram, Tian Mingzi has indeed waited for the divine sword to be born. However, the divine sword is not a divine weapon, but a person.”
“The origin of this person is mysterious, and my subordinates are investigating. The truth will surely come to light soon.”
“Have a good rest, this is the time for the king to employ people.”
“I obey my orders.”
Qiu Yuan bowed and retreated, Jiang Suxin picked up the wordless Taoist book again, closed her eyes and recalled the charm of the sword: “The sword holders in the world are like the crucian carp crossing the river, 90% of them are mediocre, and the Wuliang Sword Sect can stand above 90%, and then go up to 90%. There are very few.”
He slowly opened his eyes: “Qinglong’s territory is north of the Kunlun Mountains and east of the Kyushu Continent.”
“Heavenly Sword?!”
“This king is the leader of Tianjian Sect. I remember that he has extraordinary talent. He defeated Jiang He and won the first place in the Holy Land Ceremony at a young age, but”
“When did he reach the Mahayana stage?”
Shangyuan Road, Qingshan Ancient City.
Chang Qingyu sat cross-legged on th