Just suppress him and search for his soul!”

He was dissatisfied with the way his disciple Wu Dao dealt with the situation. He was a stranger and had so much time to stay in the world of mortals.
While he was talking, a huge palm appeared from the end of the deep space. It was terrifying and boundless. The palm prints were clearly visible. It covered the sea of ????stars and grabbed Wang Xuan.
His posture is to suppress with a raised hand, and to explode with a flip of the hand. No matter how true an immortal or legendary super-standard limit-breaking wizard, they are like ants in front of strangers.
He covers the sky with his hands, all of which are transformed by spirit and are reflected here.
“The True Saint is omnipotent and omnipresent. He has heard my inner voice and wants to summon me to understand this incident. You are disrespectful to Huaguo Mountain. If you represent the will of Yaotian Palace, he will not mind coming, even if It doesn’t matter if we start a holy war!”
Wang Xuan said solemnly and solemnly. At this moment, he did not avoid the big hand, but stood on the spot. The strong light rain fell, giving people a solemn and sacred feeling.
There is no doubt that he is very good now, and even he feels that the atmosphere has arrived.
That big hand slapped over, and Wang Xuan didn’t even frown. Then, he disappeared from here in the shocked eyes of many people.
“Being crushed by the palm of the alien spirit’s embodiment?” someone asked in shock.
“No, he disappeared on his own, and it felt like he was picked up by someone in the dark!”
At this moment, many people were stunned.
Wu Dao was also startled, where are the people? There will really be mishaps.
“You hid in the cracks in the void and thought you were safe. Can you escape?” The stranger Xitian asked. He was a person who knew the inside story. He had asked the top strangers in Yaotian Palace that Huaguo Mountain was just a “story” and could not be an “accident”. “.
Hearing what he said, many people breathed a sigh of relief.
/“Are the atmosphere, specifications, and foil all in place?” Wang Xuan asked.
“When you left, the stranger didn’t stop you. It smelled like that. Well, hurry up and get to work.” Mobile Phone Wonder said.
At this time, they came to Tianwai again, standing on a dark mountain, looking at the “Western Dojo”. Yes, Wang Xuan was here again.
This was at his request, and the mobile phone miraculous object opened a convenient door for him. Taking advantage of the short time difference between being “picked up and taken away” by the true saint, he came to gather Xitian’s wool again.
Xitian attacked him again and again. Wang Xuan had sworn earlier that he would have to cut off this man’s skin.
“Yaoyuanzi, come out!” He threw the fishhook and entered the state directly. His soul followed the fishing line and quickly captured the scenery and situations in the dojo.
After several trials and errors, he soon found the place. After all, the layout of the dojo was traceable, and where strange objects were planted,