and it is expected that the great road can be combined with mind fasting.”

At this point, he sighed: “However, these are too high and too far, and the requirements for the mind and spiritual realm are too high. Many people cannot get started. Just imagine, who is the person who proposed such a lofty path? Lao Zhuang! The “Tao Te Ching” mentions “to reach the extreme of emptiness and keep quiet”, and this secret method is clearly explained in “Zhuangzi·Human World”, “Only the Tao gathers emptiness, and the emptiness makes the heart fast”. It is a pity that ordinary people It’s hard to go down this road.”
Wang Xuan was stunned. Is what his old colleague said reliable? He quickly looked it up quietly on his mobile phone, and found out that the early Taoist practices were indeed fasting, breathing, etc., and later included guidance, breathing, etc.
Sure enough, Lao Chen talked about Heel Breathing again and said: “The secret method of Xin Zhai is a bit high and requires a specific path to walk, so there is Heel Breathing, which means that the inner breathing skill is deep and reaches the heel.”
“Zhuangzi: The Great Master” once recorded: “He sleeps without dreaming, he sleeps without worries, he eats unwillingly, and his breath is deep. A true person breathes through his heels, and everyone breathes through his throat.”
Later, Taoism underwent various improvements, resulting in more specific methods such as guidance and breathing.
Otherwise, if you follow the path of Lao and Zhuang, not many people will be able to practice. The scriptures and classics are too far-reaching and will stop most people in the initial stage.
/During this period, Taoists pushed alchemy to a higher level, using various secret methods to refine elixirs. After taking them, they could transform their own yin essence into yang energy. This is evident from the Taoist theory of pure yang.
“At this stage, the most important discovery of Taoism is that it has found another secret road, which is comparable to the interior scene and the heavenly medicine. It is called pathfinding!”
The so-called pathfinding is said to be to find a path that really exists and can be walked on, but that ordinary people cannot see.
There is no need to think too much. If you really succeed in finding the path, the effect will be no less than entering the inner scenery or picking up the heavenly medicine. However, the passage of time has submerged the traces of the past and no one can find it now.
Wang Xuan was stunned for a moment. According to his old colleagues, the old techniques are constantly changing. Even the brilliant alchemist root techniques may not be applicable to some?
“The root method is applicable and has never been out of date. The laws of later generations also originated from it and are the foundation, so they are always brilliant. However, the middle and last chapters of the pre-Qin bamboo slip method can generally be used as a reference and it is not recommended to go into depth. I suspect that in the pre-Qin period, It worked fine, but some