me when the world of Ten Thousand Monsters changed. She is too old to be able to bear the fate of the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom, so her adopted son “Tai An” will aspire to win the artifact.

This is not a hint, but it indicates that the nine-tailed fox clan wants to seize the throne of the Demon King.
Liu Cong, Chong Jian, and Kui Gen were overjoyed to see that Cong Long’s power was in front of them, so they immediately retreated to prepare.
Several clan leaders knew very well that there was no merit in following the dragon at all. They were just hugging the thighs, the kind of pendant that held a hot face against a cold butt and forcibly hugged the thighs.
/Lu Bei Yougong’s Star Flag broke the will of the first-generation Demon Emperor through a head-on confrontation. He wanted to take over the Demon Emperor City, and the result would be the same regardless of whether there was any help from outsiders.
Therefore, this thigh must be hugged.
Just like the first-generation Demon Emperor’s birthday, if you give him a big gift, the first-generation Demon Emperor may not remember who you are, but if you don’t give it, then I’m sorry, the first-generation Demon Emperor will remember you.
Choose a location, it’s hopeless.
According to the annals of the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom, the birthday of the first Demon King depends on his mood.
If you are in a good mood, you will pass it eight times a year, if you are in a bad mood, you will pass it eight times a month.
Kong Ji was worried about gains and losses. He had no royal power, so he might not be able to secure his position as Demon Prime Minister. Hu Er smiled slightly and promised him the position of Demon Prime Minister in advance. He also said frankly that Lu Bei would need a good sword that could fight well if he wanted to ascend the throne of Demon Emperor. .
Kong Ji’s mind was sharp. After thinking about Xuanwu’s despicableness, he immediately realized it.
The new official was appointed with three fires, the old official resigned with one hundred thousand gold, and after the Demon Emperor came to power, the Eight Kings would be in chaos for a while.
At this time, several heads of the eight royal clans had already retired. Apart from Hu Er and Kong Ji, only Gu Diao King Gu Zhou was left in the field. He had an average mind and it took him a long time to react.
Sweating like rain.
Gu Yue is very clear about his position. In terms of strength, he is not as good as Kong Ji, and in terms of power, he is not as good as Liu Cong and Miruluo.
Especially Mirage, who said that she wanted to compete for the throne of the Demon Queen. The Mirage clan wanted strength and power, and power and strength. Hu Er accepted the heavy gift and was very optimistic about her, wishing her a good ride.
Everyone has found their niche, but he has not, and
/Can he hear these words?
“King of Gu Carvings”
“My child is here, what do you want me to do?” Gu Yue knelt down on one knee with a filial look on his face.
Hu Er nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile: “Do you