nd earth that was truly similar to the whirlpool in the eye of the sea. In the net and thunder clouds formed by the interweaving of five Yin thunders, the five elements of Yuanci mountains were suspended one after another.

This is the location of Taoist Xing’s Taoist Temple. However, compared to ordinary people, even monks who have reached the peak of the divine realm or even the level of immortals in the ancient world, the corner of Taoist Xing’s Taoist Temple is… What is a naturally formed dangerous place? When I look at it now, it looks more like a scene that has been overly transformed by Taoist Xing’s majestic Taoism.
Almost instantly, with the vibration and reverberation of the Five Yun Yin Thunder Net, almost instantly, the hanging Five Elements Yuanci Mountains all illuminated the aura of Taoism that is truly full of essence and spirituality, and even that glow. Itself, it is all the interconnection and resonance of ancient seal patterns that are both delicate and vast.
Furthermore, such five-color radiance, wrapped in the vast and majestic five-element charm of the highest level, almost instantly reflected the dim world from the virtual image hanging in the dojo!
What seems to be reality, seems to be virtuality.
/In the subtle rotation of reality and reality, this light has been restored and disappeared.
But everyone who has witnessed this flash of change can understand that at this moment, the five-color glow hole illuminated, connected, or intertwined and resonated, returning to Xing Laodao’s five internal organs. Chakra!
In an instant, an invisible and formless glow seemed to accompany the rotation of the chakras of the five internal organs, and then suddenly erupted in Xing Laodao’s well-proportioned Taoist body that was still full of vicissitudes of time!
The ancient method of “Five Zangs and Food and Qi Essence” is also used as the foundation for the inheritance of the Panwang Holy Sect’s various Taoist traditions. Perhaps it has been too long that the world has almost forgotten it. This Panwang Holy Sect monk, at least Xuan At least nine out of ten members of the Mingdan Cauldron lineage are the best in the world at training and beating the physical body!
The remaining one is also in other paths and fields, and has too high a level and outstanding achievements to cover up his own talent for body training.
Chu Weiyang is like this, and so is Taoist Xing.
Moreover, almost at the moment when the majestic formless light evaporated from Xing Laodao’s figure, some extremely graceful charm seemed to connect Xing Laodao with the dojo in which he was illuminated. Connected between.
At this moment, Taoist Xing’s form and spirit seemed to be mixed with the emptiness of the dojo.
The five internal organs are the five mountains, and the inner meridians are the five yin and thunder nets.
/Where the body and spirit are, that is where the Taoist temple is!
At this moment, Taoist Xing truly revealed his truly ferocious, higher-level Taoist essence in the most majestic moment of his aura!
It was no long