yriad phenomena and energies that are scattered in the thunder light, and the colorful interweaving of Taoism. , to stabilize everything.

The cycle of birth and death of the Thunder Way itself was vividly displayed in this moment.
/Immediately afterwards, as Chu Weiyang’s thunder continued to chop down, through the cracks torn apart by the barrier of the great world, the various realms and phases belonging to Zhu Ming Huayang’s heaven were successively destroyed in front of the pale jade thunder. tore apart.
It is rare that the various realms and phases of a realm are exposed to reality in such a way.
And it was precisely with the layered tearing of various realms and phases, and with the continuous penetration of jade thunder, that soon the concepts of reality and reality began to condense in the process of tearing and penetration.
Gradually, the barriers of various realms and phenomena that appeared under the thunder seemed to be changing in shape and quality between appearing and disappearing.
Finally, at a certain moment, it seemed that the tearing accompanied by the thunder light was almost reaching its limit, and enough barriers of various realms and phases were torn apart, making the concept of reality, reality and existence brew to its peak.
Finally, as another fragmented sound resounded through the sky, suppressing the roar of thunder again, when Zhu Xiu looked again, what appeared under the barrier torn apart by the majestic jade thunder was, It has long ceased to be the realms and phases.
It seems to be another piece of heaven that is in chaos, as if the thick earth is hanging high above, and the sky is hanging upside down. It seems to be the heaven and earth that are rolled back. In the chaotic universe of yin and yang, the origin of all phenomena and qi lies. The interlacing and converging among them turned into a majestic and boundless ancient sea of ??stars, and even the starlight intertwined and converged with each other.
The dazzling brilliance blended with each other, and there was no longer any clear distinction between the stars. It was like a pot of boiling and messy soup, a pot of all phenomena and the origins of qi intertwined with each other, self-deduced in the endless years and time. A pot of primordial soup.
/That is the place where the origin of the universe and Taoism of Zhu Ming Huayang Heaven Realm lies.
And it was at this moment that the bamboo stick in Chu Weiyang’s hand poked out again, as if it was a replica of the thunder just now. The bamboo stick was clearly held in the Taoist’s palm, but when he looked carefully, the stick The tip seemed to have penetrated the torn layers, and penetrated the entanglement of virtual reality and existence, and then penetrated into the great world’s Taoism and the origin of the universe.
As a result, the thunder that poured into it was restrained by the power of the innate treasure in an instant, and through the connection of the bamboo stick in his hand, in this moment, everything that could be brewed and accumulated in the entire world-