a paper knife, she can hit an iron rod hard, making a clanging sound, and the light of rules bursts out.

The two of them actually started fighting fiercely!
“Haha” Hong Teng laughed, his dark face full of joy. One of the two was domineering, the other was forceful, and they were facing each other. It would be interesting to meet like this.
Yanque said: “This two-headed mutant from the Chongxing Realm has a very fierce reputation. There are legends that his master may be an ancient sage, a strange person who has lived for a long time, and is of the lineage of the Paper Saint. Some people are extremely difficult to deal with.”
“Miss!” The lifelike maid immediately stood up and flew into the distance.
The mechanical beast sighed and said: “Now that the two heads are taking action, we can’t just watch.”
Having said this, it flew into the sky with a bang, its mechanical iron wings slashing through the void. It was so fast that it caught up with the maid.
It has the body of a tiger and leopard, the tail of a big snake, the head of a ferocious wolf, and a cold metal body. It is very powerful and can tear apart paper people.
“How dare you!” The paper maid swung her knife and struck at it. The light of the knife was like waves hitting the sky, and the sound was quite powerful.
swish swish
The other aliens also moved, some wanted to follow the mechanical beast and kill them, and some were ready to rush to the two-headed mutant to support them.
/Just then, Menglong came back.
/It came from the highest spiritual world, imagining the place of sacrifice to heaven, and returned in an instant. It didn’t know that it and the paper man were also fighting, and it attacked and killed Wang Xuan as soon as it appeared.
As a result, it failed to attack Wang Xuan in a sneak attack and was hit by the Luoxian Bow. It was immediately bloody and even a large piece of its dragon scales fell off.
It turned around and disappeared, heading towards Cai Wei, making a quick sneak attack. No matter what, it wanted to kill an opponent and was very vindictive.
In an instant, a melee broke out.
“Menglong, you bastard!” The mechanical beast couldn’t help but curse. It was separated from this group of people who were very difficult to mess with, and was now facing the paper man.
As a result, the return of this pure-blood dream dragon triggered a three-party melee.
“Don’t think about running away, just bring the chess pieces!” Hong Teng said. He caught up with an alien and fought with a man with devil horns, burning the devil’s flesh wings with black fire.
Chengtian activated his broad sword and continued to fight fiercely with the demon sword fairy Swordfish from the Divine Sea. The swords were like rainbows and kept colliding.
The demon sword immortal was defeated. The demon sword, part of its body, had been cut open by a broad knife like a door panel, and the immortal runes continued to explode.
“Okay, come and help me!” The lifelike paper maid was overjoyed when she saw the two sides fighting again, and sent a message to Wang Xuan wh