There is a spiritual lake ahead, with fairy mist curling up and the mythical element being strong.
Several people nodded and wanted to be familiar with every area of ??Pingtian Academy.
“I don’t think it looks like a lake.” Wang Xuan had a premonition in his heart.
Sure enough, after setting foot in this area, the road became longer and the vision became wider. In the end, they had to fly, and then they saw the endless huge lake.
To be precise, this is a vast ocean, filled with fairy mist. There are clam fairies in the sea, and dragons occasionally jump out of the sea.
“Is there a sea in the academy?” Qi Sheng, the divine ape, was stunned.
They finally realized why this modern-looking city was called Fairy City. Every sight and thing might be different from their initial perception.
“It doesn’t matter that there is a sea in the academy. Don’t be surprised if you find a vibrant life planet hanging in the air. Everything is normal.” Someone next to him said, probably an old student who has not graduated yet.
There are many students on the beach, some are shocked, some are accustomed to it, and there are even students flying from the sea.
“Mysterious Sea” Wang Xuan and others came forward and saw a huge stone on the seaside, with text introductions on it.
/Moreover, there is a warning in the text that freshmen can only walk, enjoy the scenery and explore within 500 nautical miles. If something happens beyond this range, we will not be responsible.
“In the depths of the Mysterious Sea, 30,000 miles away, even gods and true immortals may be lost. There are deep sea beasts, as well as some alien species raised in the academy. They are very powerful species and can swallow the extraordinary beings who have just become immortals. By.”
“Well, more than a hundred years ago, I even captured an eighth-level monster from the deep sea. It was so powerful that I spent a lot of effort and fished it out with an immortal net for half a month before catching it.”
Su Tong was speechless. The Mystic Sea was so dangerous. Standing on the normal road of the academy, it was just a small lake from a distance!
“There is a large formation to protect us within five hundred nautical miles. You don’t have to worry. As long as you don’t get too greedy and go to the deep sea to pick various divine objects, nothing will happen.”
After leaving the Mysterious Sea and coming to the normal area of ??the academy, Wang Xuan, Su Tong, and Qi Sheng looked at each other and slowly got used to it. It seemed that every scene was unique.
Looking at the small campus, if you wander around randomly, you may get lost.
“There is a fairy shop over there that sells daily necessities. Let’s go and take a look.” Ling Xuan said.
Then, they felt that they were short of money. It looked like a small shop, but in the end, the items sold ranged from top-notch exotic treasures to small caves, etc., and they were all valuable items.
“Guys, come with us quickly, there are only a few places left.” A flying boat passed by, and someone called a few people t