ot ordinary beasts.

“In the beginning, were you the co-owners of that universe?” He asked further, hoping to get more valuable information.
Mu Han showed a look of reminiscence, and finally shook his head helplessly and said: “The center of the extraordinary world is constantly shifting, and no ethnic group dares to say that it is the co-owner. When we were the most powerful, we could only be regarded as one of the top ethnic groups.”
“So, your war with the Machine Tribe and the Zoo is just a local war in the otherworldly universe?”
“Yes.” Mu Han nodded and admitted, “However, the entire Transcendent Central World is not peaceful. On the most splendid stage, there are battles of various powerful races.”
Then, she looked extremely “frank” and said that both parties need to cooperate to deal with disasters and face the opponents who are destined to come.
Wang Xuan is not interested in this topic. These experiencers are not kind people and have malicious intentions. Cooperating with them is equivalent to dancing with wolves.
What he wants to do is to block them out of this universe.
He mentioned the game universe again and wanted to smooth out the various threads.
“Civilization has developed to a certain height, and its pursuits have also changed. After reaching the ultimate brilliance, people often like to return to nature and pursue simplicity and simplicity.”
She went on to tell that in ancient times, they developed virtual worlds and game life, and later entered the spiritual world to explore, hunt, etc.
/Wang Xuan showed a strange look and asked: “Have you also explored the layers of spiritual worlds in our universe?”
“I have traveled and even participated in local development and expansion in the early stages. Of course, the higher spiritual world is the result of extraordinary evolution and the solidification of myths. It is difficult to develop it manually.”
It’s obvious that Mu Han is still thinking of ways to “cooperate”, or it can be said that he hopes to hold Wang Xuan back. Now he answers all questions, which arouses his desire to explore.
“In the spiritual world, it is difficult for the physical body to enter, and you will eventually get tired of the experience without the body. Therefore, after the ultimate luxury, people feel that the simplest experience is the best, and it is in reality. middle”
In this way, they develop remote places and use a real universe as a place of experience to become a game universe.
Wang Xuan wanted to slap her to death, but sure enough, the universe, the vast sea of ??stars, and even some people’s lives became their entertainment props.
“Is it interesting?” he asked indifferently.
“I know you are disgusted, but I am willing to tell the facts of the past.” Mu Han said, she thought for a while and said: “In a sense, this kind of experience is very meaningful. It is not only a game, but also life.” , expand the thickness of life.”
/“What would you think if one day we entered your universe to experience it?” Wang Xuan asked.
“Welcome, this can also be regarded