independently, he can cultivate his own soldiers.

In the Interstellar Federation, the inheritance of weapon techniques is very strict.
Except for basic weapon techniques, which are publicly disseminated by the Interstellar Federation, the rest of the weapon techniques are the secrets of various forces.
Most of the weapon techniques are not allowed to be passed on without the consent of the owner of the weapon technique.
/David didn’t know how Heisi Chaofan collected so many weapon techniques, but it saved David a lot of trouble. This batch of weapon techniques was enough for David to form his own power.
Shadow Attendant swept through all the items in this dark room and collected all the third- and fourth-level materials, ‘transcendent crystals’, anonymous credit point memory cards, and thirty-three books of weapon techniques into the space items.
Heiss Chaofan thinks that his spacecraft is very safe, but in David’s opinion, it is far less safe than space items.
David finally came to the storage and deployment area, where thousands of defensive missiles, a large number of anti-aircraft rapid-fire artillery shells, and a large number of military training resources were stored.
David did not use these resources. Although he was also a soldier, the resources he used were far better than these resources.
After coming out of the Hess, David received an extraordinary notice from Kenny and wanted to meet him.
“David, I see you haven’t come out of the Heiss. I know you want to take a good look at your trophies, and I’m not going to disturb you, but I still need your help with some things!” Kenny Chaofan said apologetically in the office.
Kenny Chaofan understood David’s mood very well. He himself was very curious about how many treasures there were on the Hess, let alone David.
However, several extraordinary people had a discussion just now and decided that David needed to cooperate on some matters.
“I’ve finished the tour, thank you for arranging the hangar!” David said with a smile.
“David, I would like to ask you to use Xiaobai to find the location of Heisi’s extraordinary. Once you find it, don’t take any action. Wait for the notice from the principal. The principal has invited several extraordinary people to join forces. They may not all arrive until tomorrow. I hope you will be there by then. Find Heisi Chaofan’s location and take action directly!” Kenny Chaofan requested.
In the current situation, it might be dangerous for David to act alone, so Kenny Chaofan felt very uneasy when he made such a request.
But Heisi Chaofan was too harmful and had to be dealt with. Principal Lake Chaofan paid a lot of favors for this.
At the same time, it is also for David’s benefit to ask David to use Xiaobai’s extraordinary ability to find out the extraordinary location of Heisi. This will not expose Xiaobai’s extraordinary ability and effectively hide David’s secret.
“I’ll go immediately. The sooner I go, the clearer the breath I will leave behind.” David nodded.
/“Be careful, you must hide yourself!” Kenny Chaofan c