ore than two years and have seen many civilized species.”

What he saw along the way was that the extraordinary was really extinguished. The most powerful extraordinary creature he encountered was only at the third level. In a few years, this kind of creature would completely degenerate and become ordinary.
/In the blink of an eye, it has been two and a half years since he left the old land. His mental strength has greatly improved, but he has still been unable to lock the land of fate.
There is also a bad change. The myth has been extinguished for five and a half years. In the past two years or so, his physical body has weakened a bit. This is not a good sign.
Even though he rarely does anything and practices pure physical skills such as the Golden Body Technique and the Taoist Five Page Golden Book every day, he still can’t improve.
/On the contrary, he had a feeling that the cells in his body were in a very hungry state, and that the Earthly Immortal-level body was continuing to weaken, falling below its expected level.
There was no hope for magic. He could no longer use his advanced magical powers, and now he couldn’t even use pure physical skills. He couldn’t keep his physical body, and the problem became more and more serious.
“In the final analysis, there is still a lack of super matter, which is the soil of life for the survival of the extraordinary.” Wang Xuan thought.
It’s not that his physical skills are no longer good, but that this universe doesn’t have the energy he needs. Even if he travels in deep space, he can’t capture various mysterious factors in outer space.
He took a look at the small number of Creation True Crystals and did not want to use them in the short term. They were “materials” prepared for activating the Royal Dao Spear at the critical moment of life and death.
“In the final analysis, extraordinary energy is still needed to support it. Otherwise, even the Earth Immortal is made of flesh and blood and cannot stop the guns.”
How can carbon-based organisms fight against steel battleships and energy cannons? A pure flesh and blood body needs to be based on rich energy.
“Although I have been mentally prepared for the fact that before the extraordinary fire is extinguished, the physical body and interior scenes of the old era will eventually conform to the general trend of the universe and slowly decay, I am still unwilling to accept it.” Wang Xuan frowned.
In fact, there are too many kinds of energy in the universe, but currently only extraordinary energy is adapted to the path of spiritual practice and can bring powerful power to flesh and blood and spirit.
“How to introduce other energy into the human body, adapt to it, and create something extraordinary?” He said to himself while traveling alone.
He knows very well that many people have pondered it throughout the ages, but have never been able to solve it. Otherwise, there would be no saying that extraordinary things are just accidental. The general trend of the universe is shrouded in eternal darkness, and the short-lived myt