average asteroid.

It can be seen that the exterior of the ship is full of traces of time. It has been floating in the universe for many years and has only revived today.
/“It can be foreseen that the situation is extremely pessimistic, maybe”
Several motherships arrived, and after only a brief contact, a low mood spread.
“Has someone recently used prohibited items to tear open the passage in the universe and come here again?”
Some of these spaceships have broken free from the chaos of time and space, and some have been living in the real world for many years and are now gathered together.
“It has not been discovered yet. If that situation really occurs, it means that the situation has deteriorated to an extremely serious level. However, some information has been vaguely transmitted, and some of it has been deciphered.”
“I really want to go back, but unfortunately, I can’t find the way. Now it is the center of the extraordinary world, with the most dazzling stage, heroes emerge in large numbers, and the top banned items are revived. In such a great era, if you can’t join in, it will be too much. Sorry.”
“Hypocritical, you should be lucky that you came to this universe, otherwise, the grass on the graves would have transformed into towering trees.”
“According to the deciphered content, one of the most powerful prohibited items, the Taichu Mothership, appeared three hundred years ago. However, fifty years ago, part of the extraordinary light was wiped out, and a crack was opened in the stern.”
“One of the most powerful banned items, the Mothership, didn’t it disappear into the deepest part of the boundless ‘Origin Sea’, and then it actually reappeared and was damaged? How intense this is, an unprecedented era!”
“What great era? The extraordinary center is shifting, and we may be exterminated. This is not the glorious age where heroes emerge in large numbers as you imagined, but we are being defeated. Other realms and other races have risen one after another, and other barren lands are prospering. It is their epic chapter that is being written.”
Among the several motherships, there are notorious degenerates and real experiencers. After receiving a special message, they will meet here, put aside all their prejudices, and come together from now on.
This is a matter of life and death for them. Feeling the suffocating pressure of their “hometown”, they must prepare in advance and take precautions.
A few days later, several motherships dispersed and disappeared into the vast universe, each with its own mission.
In addition to the mothership, other super ships appeared, received orders, and took action separately.
In the deep sky, a huge black ship not much smaller than the mothership appeared. The leader was a young man and woman, a brother and sister, both with long silver hair.
The man has short silver hair, he is energetic and handsome, with a high nose and bright eyes.
/His name is Minglun, which has the same pronunciation as a certain banned item in his hometown. In a sea of ??myths, the banned item Ping