For half a month, people were breaking into the six giant palaces. The fighting was fierce. In the magnificent city-like buildings, there were strong men sitting and guarding them silently.
Soon, people knew that there was actually a challenger!
In recent times, in cross-domain battles, most of those who achieved success were rewarded and left, but there were still some who stayed and became members of the Guardian Palace.
/Chen Yongjie’s blood was boiling. The luxurious armor all over his body was broken into pieces, and there was blood everywhere. He didn’t fight desperately, but he followed the large army every time. He only had one wish, to see if his master was here. Whether to become one of the guardians of the giant palace.
It’s a pity that he hasn’t seen it yet. The place he is in is the Health Palace. He has entered it several times with others, but he has never been able to get close to the core of the giant palace.
“It’s really abnormal. In every giant palace, there is an incarnation of a powerful god who personally takes charge and becomes the palace master. Who can defeat them?”
Not long after, someone learned the truth. It was a Limit Breaker who paid a great price and went to the deepest part of Xiaoyao Palace. After confronting the palace owner, he got this information.
Not only this battlefield, but also the spectators and extraordinary beings on various spaceships in outer space were also frightened.
The incarnation of the most powerful god defends the throne? Who passed the test.
On the way here, people had seen the Blood Emperor, standing on a black extraordinary wooden boat, and they had also seen the female God of War with black hair and bloody eyes, as motionless as a statue.
“The strongest person does not need to participate in the qualifying competition and directly becomes the master of six giant palaces? In addition, there are still contestants from the last time in the six palaces. The number is not small. They become the guardians of this time. Who can break into the dragon pool and tiger den? past?”
“The Blood Emperor and the God of War are both famous and powerful men. They have few opponents in the Great Barrier. It is a bit too much to ask them to guard the barrier!”
Many people are dissatisfied. Wang Xuan alone has beaten twelve of the limit breakers in this competition. Now, including himself, there are only four left. How can we fight?
“This is an internal decision. The highest reward in this world will be awarded to the six most powerful gods. In the end, it will definitely be a competition among them.”
“Don’t think too much, the highest reward will definitely fall into the hands of the Blood Emperor and the God of War!”
This caused an uproar, and many people were unwilling to accept it, especially the contestants. They had high hopes after not seeing the end of the strongest in the qualifying competition, but now they are all shattered.
But not long after, people learned that neither the Blood Emperor nor the God of War was stationed in the giant pal