uan watched from the side, enjoying this moment very much. He finally got out of the whirlpool and watched other people’s battles. It was a rare moment of leisure and relaxation.

Many people “realized” that he probably really had a serious problem and could not end it, otherwise they would not have allowed Xu Fu to fight one against two.
However, no one in the six giant palaces is ready to make a move. They are not the strongest, so there is no need to take risks. The lessons learned from the past are miserable.
Only Chen Yongjie knew that the person who faked the punch didn’t even hurt his hair and was pretending to be a coward. This was because he wanted to pluck himself out and become an outsider.
Therefore, Lao Chen walked over and pretended to care about his body, and then cooperated with the fake. Then he became a free man and went directly to his master.
In fact, that man had paid attention to Chen Yongjie for a long time. When Liu Huaian left his hometown, Chen looked like this. He was a young man in his twenties and full of energy.
“Are you Master Liu?” The closer Chen Yongjie got, the more certain he became. This should be the younger version of his master, even the mole on his neck is the same.
“Yongjie?!” Liu Huaian opened his eyes wide and was convinced that this was his disciple who had come here and followed in his footsteps.
/This has become a knot in Lao Chen’s heart. He always feels that his master gave his life in exchange for his new life. Otherwise, he would disappear from the old land like those old masters.
But his master could have avoided this disaster and suffered it on his behalf.
For thirty years, Chen Yongjie’s heart has always been there. He blames himself and feels uneasy, and he always wants to find his master.
“My child, I never thought that you would end up here like me.” Liu Huaian’s eyes were also red, and he helped him up, preventing him from kneeling.
“The disciple never wants the master to appear. However, all methods have been exhausted until a coincidence brings him here.” Chen Yongjie shed tears and asked where the others were. A large number of masters in the old art field disappeared. Human fault.
“They are all dead, and I am the only one left alive.” Liu Huaian said sadly, and the events of the past thirty years seemed like yesterday.
They were all too weak at that time and were just cannon fodder on the battlefield. He had the deepest foundation among that group of people. He used this land rich in super matter to rise up and barely found a way to survive.
In outer space, Aoki stared at the big screen, focusing on his master. He couldn’t believe that Chen Yongjie was crying and kneeling to another person.
“That’s my master?!” He was shocked. The man who was slightly younger than his master looked similar to the old man with white hair and white beard hanging in his master’s room.
“Really found it? My master is still alive and came to this battlefield!”
The battle was fierce. Xu Fu fought against the two gods alone, but he became more and more courageous.