aordinary people now have to make a living for themselves, and most of them are busy doing business.” Cao Qingyu lamented that his earlier hostility towards Wang Xuan was long gone.

Wang Xuan nodded, a little lost. This group of people adapted so quickly. He began to reflect on himself. After seven or eight months, if he could not continue on the path of the new myth and returned to ordinary, where would he go?
Although he has always been confident that he can do it and will find a way, at least he can keep his extraordinary fire alive.
But after experiencing an ethereal journey where it was difficult to tell the truth from the truth, he was a little shaken. There was a big problem with that road. He even wondered whether anyone had walked there in ancient times, but he failed in the end.
Are the magic flowers naturally rooted there?
“Actually, I always thought that it was the inside of my body, related to my flesh and blood, and that it really corresponded to what exists in the real world. But now, looking at it, there are actually various possibilities, and there really may be an unknown big world.”
He put down these thoughts. It was useless to think too much now. He had to find a way to solve the problem, even walk through the meteorite path and see the truth!
Wang Xuan found out helplessly that there were really no enemies in the old land, and he couldn’t help but said to himself: “Am I invincible?”
At this stage, even Qi Liandao is not crazy. After seeing him, he behaved politely and politely. Of course, he did not call him uncle. After all, he is the son of the Demon Ancestor.
He realized that the real enemies now were at the peerless level. If they didn’t appear, they would be dead. Once they jumped out, it would be a matter of life and death for him.
“The mysterious shadow of Chuchen. If I take him to the land of nothingness, he will kill me in minutes. I can’t bite him for the time being.”
“What are you doing with the enemy?” Huang Ming asked him as he personally delivered the finest extraordinary tea.
/“I have doubts on the way to practice, and I want to verify it.” Wang Xuan replied absently.
I go! Several people present understood immediately upon hearing this that they wanted to kill people. No wonder they were looking for enemies. If they were caught, they would not end well.
On that day, the news spread, and Wang Xuan searched for test subjects all over the world, hoping to prove the extraordinary path.
“Everyone, don’t hit the muzzle of the gun, or you will be killed by him!”
In just one day, both New Star and Old Earth knew about it, and many extraordinary beings whose behavior was not very standard in the past suddenly looked kind and friendly.
There are even some extraordinary people who have gone to work as volunteers, feeling all kinds of uneasy, because their past resumes were not very glorious and were close to the red line, and now they are extremely scared.
Nowadays, who doesn’t know that Madman Wang is very powerful and has very dark skills. He has killed countless disciple