After Zheng Yuantian spurted out a mouthful of soul blood, he glanced at Wang Xuan in the distance, his eyes a little cold. These were the leeks and pigs he raised, and they actually killed him?
In his heart, Wang Xuan had already been marked, and the heavenly medicine, the five-color soil from Buzhou Mountain, the fairy jelly, etc. were all supplied one by one. For what purpose?
One day, he will turn into a demon fetus, and be reborn with the help of that special person, and come back stronger!
Not only was Zheng Wu able to master Demon Fetus Kung Fu, he was even better at it!
This kind of boss-level figure has studied all kinds of classics carefully, especially him, who has a deep understanding of several people with special backgrounds in history!
He is not like others, he just thinks that Wang Xuan is very good. In the early stage of setting foot in the extraordinary realm, he opened up the world of rare interior scenes.
He guessed that Wang Xuan might have started it when he was a mortal. This was the fundamental reason why he targeted this young man in the world.
There is a burning light in his heart, because, he deduces, this kind of person may still be able to do something after the myth is exhausted!
“Look, his eyes are so fierce. He is staring at us. It makes me deeply uneasy.” Chen Yongjie said, his heart heavy. That Zheng Yuantian is definitely not human.
“It’s okay, wait for the opportunity, then I’ll hit him again, hit him a few more times, and try to kill him! I even think I can confront him head-on!” Wang Xuan said.
In the spiritual world, the power of the God-Slaying Flag in his hand has skyrocketed. He has fully estimated that he is really not afraid of the other party.
In fact, he was under a lot of pressure. Fortunately, he had Lao Zhang, Fang Yuzhu, and his most reliable knife-blocking partner Zhanshenqi to deal with the enemy.
However, in the outside world, if Zhang Daoling and Fang Yuzhu leave, according to the five existing rules of the New Testament, Zheng Yuantian can hunt him by then!
When the time comes, who can protect him?
As long as extraordinary beings do not affect ordinary people in modern cities, they can hunt and attack each other at will without any restrictions, which is terrifying.
“Let’s fight, either kill him, or I have to become stronger, otherwise, we may die after we get out!” Wang Xuan whispered.
/Zheng Yuantian is definitely very fierce and very patient. He has been taking a long-term view to support Wang Xuan, and he is not ready to pull the strings until the incarnation is born.
/It has to be said that Fang Yuzhu is very powerful. He calmly struck out and beat Zheng Yuantian to pieces. Did he not want him to cause trouble later? He was going to be ruthless.
Zheng Yuantian was shocked. He knew very well that the female alchemist’s various achievements looked dignified, elegant, generous and decent. She was a prominent figure among the immortals, but once she had the intention to kill, she was a peerless master.
For more than two thousand years, she si