oating in the universe. He had been lying dead for who knows how many years and he could still come back to life. This was a bit too scary and made Wang Xuan feel shocked.

No wonder the old fox guessed that this might be the return of a super peerless person who had an accident!
“Before the Old Testament was loosened, almost no one could break through the curtain. He was able to come back alive, floating in the cold universe, with an immortal body, which makes me feel ashamed.” Old Fox said.
He named this monster young man Wu Ming, but he didn’t know his original name or origin.
Although Lao Hu speculated that Wu Ming might have been a peerless person in the past, he compared it one by one with the important figures who died in the legend of the curtain. There was no match and no such person was found.
“Senior, this may be a thunderbolt. If one day, his soul suddenly appears in full force, it’s hard to say what will happen.” Wang Xuan said secretly.
After knowing the origin of this monster, he was very afraid, which was a very rare thing.
The old fox said: “I treat him as a Taoist friend and stay with me. The myth is going to die. No matter how earth-shattering the identity is, I am afraid it will be in vain and return to ordinary. I am not worried.”
“When he was found, was his body lifelike?” Wang Xuan asked.
/The old fox shook his head seriously and said: “No, it was dried up, like a mummy. After returning to Xinxing, it gradually swelled and became active.”
Wang Xuan didn’t know what to say. This Wu Mingqiang had gone too far. He estimated that if he threw Lao Zhang’s body into the depths of the universe and let him wander freely for many years, he would probably be dead long ago. It would be difficult to return to the world. .
He secretly asked: “What kind of clothes or armor was he wearing when he was floating in the universe? Is he really a creature from our mythical age? After he came back to life, can you understand the language he spoke?”
The old fox informed: “At that time, he had no clothes or armor on his body, and his flesh and blood were shriveled. He has not said a word since he came back to life. He only nodded or shook his head. He is still in a state of ignorance.”
It changed the topic, waved to the other boy, and said: “Mo Huang, do you want to find a new master? His potential is far greater than mine. Besides, the myth is coming to an end. You can follow him to the world of technology and see Let’s see if it’s possible to continue on the extraordinary path.”
The people on the three extraordinary planets were all shocked when they heard that Mo Huang, a genius, was going to be given to the alien Wang Xuan by Old Fox as his disciple?
Mo Huang shook his head: “I don’t want to. I want to be with you, senior, and Wu Ming, and continue to explore the way out of the extraordinary world.”
Wang Xuan smiled and shook his head and said: “I have only been practicing for a few years and I can’t find a way out myself. How can I be qualified to be a master for others?”
The old fox opened his m