lying heavenly knives. Whenever they encountered foreign spirits, they would be destroyed. So he slashed through with his scaly wings and killed the soul!

“Join hands and form a formation!” Someone shouted, it was Qi Liandao, calling for the demon monks to come closer to him.
/Mo Si was in another direction, holding a cyan magic knife in his hand. It had an astonishing lethality. One knife at a time, he chopped dozens of giant spiders as big as a house. Although the magic spiders were as hard as iron, they would spark sparks when they were hit. Splattered, but still dismembered corpses were scattered all over the ground.
Old Chen was also anxious. Just now he was caught by a monster with a tiger head and beak. The sharp claws pierced his shoulder blades and scratched his back, causing all the light of his soul to escape. Then It is equal to the blood of the soul.
“Woooo” the snow-white conch blew, and the body of the strange bird that grabbed him exploded.
On the other side, Wang Xuan also killed someone who was covered in “carrion”. He was besieged by dozens of raptors, each with hundreds of eyes, all over his head, so densely packed that it would cause some people to develop trypophobia. .
All the eyes were blazing the light of the soul, as if they were shooting. Dozens of them swooped down together, besieged at the same time, and covered the sky and the earth. All of them had this kind of gaze, penetrating through them like sharp swords.
His palms and his neck have all been pierced, which shows how lethal the eyes of these strange birds are. They can kill the Yuanshen in the early stage of Xiaoyaoyou!
The God-Slaying Flag trembled, and with a roar, he destroyed a small group of strange birds, but it also attracted more monsters, more than twenty pale-skinned giants, all over a hundred meters tall. When his big feet fell, they stepped on them. Ruins collapse!
/“What kind of hell is this? Is this the spiritual world? Why do I feel like we have entered hell.” Old Chen shouted.
“Don’t scatter, come closer to me!” Wang Xuan shouted. If they really want to be scattered, it will be difficult to gather here again. The city is full of corpses, and thunder is everywhere, streaking across the void.
“Maybe it really is hell. Originally, after death, the soul went to hell, and this is the spiritual world. It is a similar product!” Chen Yongjie was confused. It felt so ridiculous. In the clear sky and in the daytime, could you see hell alive?
He shook the bell, and the silver ripples expanded. With a roar, a large piece of lifeless mammoth-like monster was shattered. “Carrion” flew all over the sky, and huge pieces of flesh fell down, almost smothering him.
Wang Xuan waved the God-Slaying Flag. At this time, there was nothing left to hold on to. The giants were shattered by the shock. The putrid blood and broken bones with blood collapsed. It was like a purgatory on earth, a scene like a slaughterhouse. .
They are clearly monsters in the spiritual realm, but what they see now is no different from the r