Seeing that Lu Bei was about to catch up behind him, Lu Dong was extremely anxious. He was not afraid of death, since he would not die anyway.

He was just afraid that he would not be able to deceive Lu Bei by pretending to die to escape, and he would be reduced to a furnace, suffering day and night, with no freedom at all.
To put it bluntly, he felt that he probably couldn’t deceive Lu Bei if he was just one of his own.
Ahead, heavy fog shrouded the sea. Lu Dongzheng was worried that he had nowhere to hide, so he plunged into it without even thinking.
Lu Bei followed closely behind, stopped suddenly, frowned and looked at the land of thousands of miles of clouds and mists.
/There was no sound in the eerie silence. Under the sea, not to mention the long ugly ghosts, not even one could breathe.
Something weird!
“Donor Lu, please wait.”
Gu Zongchen stepped forward and looked at Lu Bei with a complex expression. He insisted on talking about fate. He and Lu Bei’s demonic thoughts have been entangled for a year and a half, which can be said to be a deep fate.
“Monk, do you still want to stop me?”
Lu Bei frowned. Gu Zongchen was so patient. He had been hammered by him for so long and yet he was still alive and kicking.
“Saving one life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. Lu Dong save me, he is not a devil.”
“Wait a minute!”
“Sect Master Lu will speak first.”
“Let me say it for the last time, I, Xinyuehu, am not Sect Master Lu.”
Gu Zongchen was born as a Buddhist, with a lot of talent, and he was well versed in convincing people with reason.
This principle has physics and logic.
When encountering an enemy, study physics first and then logic. As long as the physics is well explained, everyone will sit down and listen to his reasoning.
Lu Dong is the best example.
He was very arrogant when he first came here, but later he learned to debate scriptures.
Lu Bei is different.
When Gu Zongchen failed to talk about physics and reason, Lu Bei was thinking outside the box, full of absurd theories, and could not keep up with the rhythm, let alone argue.
It’s worse to keep up. At the same level, Lu Bei has rich experience, and he will only lose faster.
“What the benefactor in my heart said is true, it is the poor monk who has taken the form.”
Gu Zongchen readily admitted his mistake and pointed to the foggy sea: “This is a forbidden area in the East China Sea. The water is three thousand feet deep and a goose feather cannot float. If you step into it rashly, you may die.”
“Where did the Liusha River come from? Why don’t you just leave it here and take pictures?”
In the middle of his words, Lu Bei spat towards the mist: “Bah, you almost got in. What I mean is that the weak water will only take one scoop, one scoop after another. Don’t block the way, there is no way. Yes, the devil Lu Dong has been defeated today.”
/“Sect Master Lu, this poor monk is trying to stop you”
“Donor Heart, the poor monk is not stopping you because of Donor Lu. Monks don’t tell lies. The sea of ??mist is full of danger