unique.” Fang Yuzhu quickly transmitted the message and told some secrets.

At the same time, she blamed herself a little, feeling that she had been negligent and had forgotten that Wang Xuan was a casual cultivator.
It can even be said that he was a wild cultivator, and no one told him about the top-secret things that were passed down by masters and disciples orally and were not recorded in the scriptures.
Especially the core secrets of this cutting-edge theory, which are in the hands of peerless experts, are not known to many powerful orthodoxies, and even ordinary extraordinary people don’t even think about it.
“Others’ revelation is far less than your own instinctive awakening and realization of that special state.” Fang Yuzhu said, she was looking forward to it in her heart.
At this time, the main bodies of other masters on the shore received the sound transmission from the clones. Knowing Wang Xuan’s condition, a dazzling beam of light suddenly erupted.
There was a peerless person who took action directly on the shore.
And the silver-haired young man slapped down his palm, and his overwhelming big hand covered the sky above the sea, covering everything, and wanted to kill Wang Xuan.
They took a certain risk and might be assimilated, but they still chose to take action, which speaks for itself.
“Which one of you dares to mess around!” On the shore, Fang Yuzhu’s silver dress was flying, and a God-killing flag appeared in her hand. The flag quickly enlarged and swept across the world.
With a pop, blood splattered everywhere, and a dragon’s tail was severed. She also risked being assimilated to attack, after all, she was too close to the extraordinary sea.
/The flag spread out, the light was overwhelming, and Fang Yuzhu waved the flag towards the silver-haired young man. At the same time, others also took action and besieged Fang Yuzhu, and a war broke out.
In the sea, Wang Xuan plunged to the bottom of the sea with a single stroke. Fortunately, the sea of ??light was special and assimilated to the extraordinary rules. The peerless attack was purified. Even if the beam fell, it would be difficult to destroy him.
However, the attacks from the two peerless experts still injured him, and the blood of his soul overflowed.
/“You don’t want me to keep this special state? Then I must reach perfection in this field! Kill you all here!”
Wang Xuan quickly crossed the bottom of the sea. Now he is counterattacking while waiting for his own sublimation to end, which will give the opponent the most intense counter-hunt.
“I will keep chasing you to make it difficult for you to gain a foothold in that special field. What I like most is listening to the painful wails of the weak after they lose their opportunities.” The one-eyed dragon said, chasing after you.
Wang Xuan turned around and made a counterattack, then slapped it with his backhand. His palm prints were like rainbows and slapped on its huge dragon’s face, causing the dragon’s soul skin to rip and collapse.
Moreover, he fought hard to receive a blow from th