live as the object of inheritance.”

“Thinking about it now, this reason is very trivial. What if I am a devout believer of the goddess of the night? But at that time, I just made a guess and did not confirm it.”
“The Antigonus family’s treasure obviously involves the fortune teller’s path.”
“Think more deeply about why I traveled through time and why I happened to be possessed by Klein and not someone else. At that time, Klein happened to be performing black divination and was controlled by the notes of the Antigonus family. He committed suicide, and that notebook is obviously related to the diviner path.”
“From beginning to end, except for the part involving 008, those things seemed very messy. It didn’t look like a conscious arrangement, but closer to a kind of passive attraction, mutual attraction, and intermittent attraction.”
“I attract things and things related to the diviner path, and I am attracted to them at the same time.”
“It’s quite strange to think about it. This kind of attraction can even indirectly affect destiny, so that Mr. Azik can’t even see it.”
/“Do I have any strange characteristics?”
“This characteristic allows me to resurrect from the dead to a limited extent”
Thinking of this, Klein suddenly had the urge to go to the gray mist for divination to confirm.
But he quickly rejected this idea, not only because the bodyguard lady might be watching in the mirror, but also because he believed that his greatest attribute was possessing the mysterious space above the gray fog.
Therefore, using it to divine itself is obviously impossible to get the answer.
At least for now, there are no obvious traces of manipulation. If it’s just attraction, it’s still acceptable. And I’ve chosen the extraordinary path. I can’t change it until Sequence 4. Let’s just take it one step at a time. Well, I won’t go there for now. Looking for the treasure of the Antigonus family in the Honakis Mountains, haha, I have a hunch that I will be said to be really fragrant in the future. Klein silently laughed at himself, feeling that the fatigue that had been relieved gradually came over, making his eyelids unable to stop closing. .
His last thought before falling asleep was:
Participate in various extraordinary gatherings, and collect extraordinary materials corresponding to “Magicians” through Miss Justice, Mr. “The Hanged Man” and Classmate “The Sun”. Those who have “Faceless Man” will not be rejected. In addition, try to get as many extraordinary materials as possible. A magical item with not serious negative effects. Before the digestion is completed and the strength is improved, it should be more self-protective. In addition, invest, accept commissions, save money, and find Lanerwus and use him as a starting point for revenge. At the beginning, it can be regarded as a practice
This is what Klein plans to do next.
At seven o’clock in the morning, he woke up naturally. It was still gloomy and foggy outside.
Klein stood up and walked towards the door. When he passed by the full-length mirror, he saw the bodyguar